Apache Portable Runtime

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Apache Portable Runtime
Developer(s) Apache Software Foundation
Stable release
1.6.2 / June 14, 2015; 2 years ago (2015-06-14)[1]
Development status Active
Written in C
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Development library
License Apache License 2.0
Website apr.apache.org

The Apache Portable Runtime (APR) is a supporting library for the Apache web server. It provides a set of APIs that map to the underlying operating system (OS).[2] Where the OS does not support a particular function, APR will provide an emulation. Thus programmers can use the APR to make a program truly portable across platforms.

APR originally formed a part of Apache HTTP Server, but the Apache Software Foundation spun it off into a separate project. Other applications can use it to achieve platform independence.


The range of platform-independent functionality provided by APR includes:

Similar projects[edit]

  • GLib – provides similar functionality. It supports many more data structures and OS-independent functions, but fewer IPC-related functions. (GLib lacks local and global locking and shared-memory management.)
  • Netscape Portable Runtime (NSPR) is a cross-platform abstraction library used by the Mozilla project. It is used by another subproject of Mozilla application framework (XPFE) to provide cross-platform graphical user interface (GUI) functionality.
  • Adaptive Communication Environment (ACE) is an object-oriented library written in C++ similar in functionality to APR. It is widely deployed in commercial products.[3]
  • commonc++ is a cross-platform C++ class library for systems programming, with much of the same functionality as APR.
  • POCO is a modern C++ framework similar in concept but more extensive than APR.
  • WxWidgets is an object-oriented cross-platform GUI library that also provides abstraction classes for database communication, IPC and networking functionality.
  • KDE Frameworks – used by KDE SC


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