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Apacilagua is located in Honduras
Location in Honduras
Coordinates: 13°26′N 87°4′W / 13.433°N 87.067°W / 13.433; -87.067
Country Flag of Honduras.svg Honduras
Department Choluteca
Climate Aw

Apacilagua (Spanish pronunciation: [apasiˈlaɣwa]) is a municipality in the Honduran department of Choluteca.

Apacilagua of the first settlers were a group of Indians called texiguat from the Olmecs. They were located in "The Guatalones" to the banks of the Choluteca River and fertile ground level, but due to a flood that destroyed their homes, they were forced to search for a new place called El Cerrito white land. Archaeological objects were found in both places there that show that these early settlers in Apacilagua. In the late (1700 and early 1800) a Spanish-called Sebastian who Espinales was established as a feudal lord with a small town native who served. According to historical data of Mr Espinales donate one square kilometer for the foundation Della village, in the year de1831 was founded Apacilagua, this population also had trouble being burned by the revolutionary forces of General Vasquez Sunday. Town was founded in 1887, the administration of General Luís Bogra. Apacilagua of the town was founded seven villages Mezcales, San Felipe, Albarrán, Somuina, Los Limones, San Felipe, and La Garza.

Apacilagua township is located in the department of Choluteca, bounded on the north by the municipalities rolling department of El Paraíso and Morolica, south to the town of Choluteca, San Marcos to the east of Columbus and the Corpus, on the west by the Orocuina municipality. The extension is of square kilometers, its topography is irregular with a majority of land broken a lot of hills and flat suitable for agriculture and livestock, also has the Choluteca River water. The population of residents, 80% spread in rural areas and the difference in marginal urban perimeter, the population is mestizo, there are no races.

Coordinates: 13°26′0″N 87°4′0″W / 13.43333°N 87.06667°W / 13.43333; -87.06667