Apano Sin

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Apano Sin box art.jpg
Box art for Apano Sin
Developer(s) Level One Entertainment
Publisher(s) V.A.K. Entertainment
Platform(s) Amiga
Release 2000
Genre(s) Scrolling shooter
Mode(s) Single-player

Apano Sin is a 2000 computer game for the Amiga; a top-down vertical shooter, Apano Sin had players destroy waves of enemies through five stages, had no end-level boss battles, a two-way weapon system and offered the unique ability to have the player ship flip backwards in order to fire shots at enemies coming behind it.


The game takes place in the Apano System, where its human-like inhabitants have been busily exploring, colonizing and extracting resources from the planets and moons within it. The seventh planet in the system, Apano Sin, is selected to be the next colonized planet by the system’s inhabitants. Everything goes well on the planet until the researchers discover water below Apano Sin’s surface. Upon ingesting this water, the researchers discover it rejuvenates the body, but upon continual consumption, the subject overdoses and becomes violent and over-active. This scenario comes true as the entire staff of the Apano Sin project take over the planet and its four moons using the project’s defense ships to wreak havoc upon the uninfected. The player, assuming the role of a nameless ship captain, is assigned to rid the planet of the infected staff.