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"Apardi seller Sarani" (Azerbaijani: Apardı sellər Saranı, The floods took Sara) is an Azerbaijani folk song centered on the life of a girl named Sara.


The daughter of river[edit]

The events take place in the village of Mugan[disambiguation needed] where a happily married couple Sarvan[1] and Gözel[2] had a daughter named Sara. Gözel died in childbirth and Sara was raised by her stepmother. She used to play by the banks of Arpachayi[3] river like her mother. Thus, the river became dependent to Sara. Whenever Sara was there, Arpachayi was raging but it was calm without her. Sara married with a beloved shepherd in Mugan named Khan-Choban.[4] In summer, Khan-Choban had to take the flock to up-country. Sara got lonely and went back to her old friend Arpachayi. Village chief saw Sara and stared at her. Arpachayi got angry of his sensual gazing and flooded taking Sara with it.


There was a girl living by Arpachayi river bank named Sara. She loved her cousin but her father wanted her to marry a rich man from neighbor village. Her cousin wanted to run away by Sara but her father didn't let it happen. Few days before the wedding, Sara's cousin feeds his horse but not let it drink. In the wedding ceremony he gives the horse to the bride. Sara rides the horse in the ceremony. The thirsty horse when see the Arpachayi flooding, runs toward it to drink but submerges and Arpachayi takes the Sara.

The flood took Sara[edit]

A boy named Nuri from Khanchoban clan was fiancee by a girl named Sara from Melikchoban[5] clan. These clans were living in the opposite sides of the Arpachayi river. A group of people from Khanchoban clan came to bring the bride to the other side of the river for the wedding ceremony. When they got ready to leave, it was already dark. They didn't noticed the increased depth of water, so the horses got sunk and Sara got drown.

Sara and Khan[edit]

The Mugan got occupied by the enemy tribe. They captured the girl named Sara whose lover Khan-choban was out of the country at the time. The Khan wanted to take Sara by himself. Sara asked to see his father for the last time but run away and threw herself into the Arpachayi river.


There are many performances of this song by various artists. Some of famous ones are by Alihan Samedov, Habil Aliyev, Gadir Rustamov, etc.


Many artworks have been created under the influence of this legend. Some of notable ones are A poem by Nusrat Kasamanli famous Azerbaijani poet addressed to Khan-Choban, A tele-theatre by Azerbaijani director Nazim Dadashov, a play by Iranian director Ebrahim Abbasalizadeh and a movie named Saray by Iranian director Yadollah Samadi.


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