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Apex Digital, Inc.
Industry Consumer Electronics
Founded 1997; 20 years ago (1997)
Headquarters City of Industry, CA
Key people
David Ji, Jeannie Vogler
Number of employees

Apex Digital, Inc. is an American electronics manufacturer based in City of Industry, California, manufacturers and distributors of high definition televisions, digital converter boxes and HDTV antennas. It filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy on 17 Aug 2010.

Back in 2000, Apex DVD players acquired some amount of fame when it was discovered that they contained a secret menu screen that allowed the user to circumvent regional lockout and Macrovision's copy protection. This feature was put in by the Chinese company that manufactured the device which Apex packaged, and Apex said they had no prior knowledge of it. Apex quickly discontinued the model with the secret menu, but the player became a hot item on eBay, which led Macrovision to step in and have eBay ban sale of the player, citing the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The same extra functionality can be enabled on some subsequent Apex players by replacing the device's firmware with a hacked version.

Presently the focus is on delivering value-priced, high performance LCD televisions using both LCD and LED technologies. Televisions are available nationally at Target and regionally at Brandsmart, BJ's and other retailers. It has a sister company, Xepa Technologies. Xepa mainly focus on LED light products.


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