Aphasia (Japanese band)

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For the American band, see Aphasia (American band).
Origin Japan
Genres Heavy metal, hard rock
Years active 1994[1]–present
Website http://www.aphasia.jp
Members Sion
Sumiko 'Goe' Ishikawa
Junko 'Jun' Takeda
Past members Yumi Kondoh
Kyoko 'Kyon' Morita

Aphasia is a female heavy metal/hard rock band from Japan still active today. Their latest release is Sweet Illusion.


  • Mirage on the Ice (1999)
  • Wings of Fire (2001)
  • Labyrinth in My Heart (2003)
  • Wild and Innocent (2004)
  • Mirage (2005; EP)
  • Gambler (2006)
  • Sweet Illusion (2009; EP)


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