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Apheloria virginiensis corrugata 2014-06-24.jpg
Apheloria virginiensis
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Diplopoda
Order: Polydesmida
Family: Xystodesmidae
Genus: Apheloria
Chamberlin, 1921

Apheloria luminosa (Kenyon, 1893)
Apheloria montana (Bollman, 1887)
Apheloria tigana Chamberlin, 1939
Apheloria virginiensis (Drury, 1770)


Leptocircus Attems, 1931

Apheloria is a genus of flat-backed millipedes in the family Xystodesmidae, occurring in the central and southeastern United States, and ranging as far north as southern Quebec, Canada.[1][2] They are aposematically colored in black and contrasting reds and yellows, and some species in the Appalachian Mountains resemble species of Brachoria where they co-occur, a phenomenon known as Müllerian mimicry.[3]


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