Aphrodite, the Garden of the Perfumes

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Afrodita, el Jardín de Los Perfumes
Directed by Pablo César
Produced by Pablo César
Written by Pablo César
Starring Issa Coulibaly
Alejandro Da Silva
Cinematography Carlos Essmann
Edited by Liliana Nadal
Distributed by Independent
Release date
15 October 1998
Running time
91 minutes
Country Argentina
Language Spanish

Aphrodite, the Garden of the Perfumes (Spanish: Afrodita, el Jardín de Los Perfumes) is a 1998 Argentine - Mali drama film directed and written by Argentine director Pablo César.

The film based on the Ancient Greek god Aphrodite is an independent film production filmed in Mali. All of the actors are from Mali and only ever appeared in this film. The film was produced by an Argentine production team.



Based on the vision of Hesiod, in the classic Teogonía, the film begins in the city of Citrea when Cronos, the younger son of Uranus, cuts off the genitals of his father and it throws them into the sea. All the Gods will hope that, of the union of the genitals of Uranus and the foam of waters, Aphrodite is born. On the following day the Zephyrs find a young adolescent naked and sleeping in the borders of the sea. With no doubt, they determine that it is Aphrodite. They take the boy to Citrea where his status is judged. There he becomes a conflicting personage of ambiguous sexuality.


The film premiered on 15 October 1998 in Buenos Aires. It was an independent film production and most of the actors only ever appeared in this film.

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