Aphrodite fritillary

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Aphrodite fritillary
Birds Illustrated Butterflies Arginnis Alcestis.jpg
S. a. alcestis
Scientific classification
S. aphrodite
Binomial name
Speyeria aphrodite
(Fabricius, 1787)

The Aphrodite fritillary (Speyeria aphrodite) is a fritillary butterfly, from North America.

This orange coloured fritillary has rows of dark dots or chevrons at the wing edges and black or brown lines more proximally.[1] The ventral sides of the wings are also orange with several rows of white dots.[2] Its wingspan is between 51 and 73 mm.[3] The results suggest that a major, climate-induced shift of North American butterflies, characterized by northward expansions of warm-adapted and retreat of cold-adapted species, is underway.


Listed alphabetically:[4]

  • S. a. alcestis (Edwards, 1876)
  • S. a. byblis (Barnes & Benjamin, 1926)
  • S. a. columbia (H. Edwards, 1877)
  • S. a. ethene (Hemming, 1933)
  • S. a. manitoba (F. & R. Chermock, 1940)
  • S. a. whitehousei (Gunder, 1932)
  • S. a. winni (Gunder, 1932)

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