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Apimondia or International Federation of Beekeepers' Associations promotes scientific, ecological, social and economic apicultural development in all countries and the cooperation of beekeepers` associations, scientific bodies and of individuals involved in apiculture worldwide.[1] The name Apimondia is a compound word made from two words; api, referring to honey bees, and mondia, referring to the world.[2]

The federation issues a journal, Apiacta. The 2003 and 2004 issues are available online free of charge.[3]

Since 1897, every other year Apimondia organizes beekeepers' congresses, hosted by different countries.[4]

Apimondia maintains seven scientific commissions and five regional commissions for the purposes of furthering scientific understanding of apiculture and to facilitate exchange of information.[5]

The scientific commissions include:

  • Beekeeping Economy
  • Bee Health
  • Bee Biology
  • Pollination and Bee Flora
  • Beekeeping Technology and Quality
  • Apitherapy
  • Beekeeping for Rural Development

List of congresses[edit]

No. Year Place Country
I 1897 Brussels Belgium
II 1900 Paris France
III 1902 's-Hertogenbosch Netherlands
IV 1910 Brussels Belgium
V 1911 Turin Italy
VI 1922 Marseilles France
VII 1924 Québec Canada
VIII 1928 Turin Italy
IX 1932 Paris France
X 1935 Brussels Belgium
XI 1937 Paris France
XII 1939 Zürich Switzerland
XIII 1949 Amsterdam Netherlands
XIV 1951 Leamington Spa United Kingdom
XV 1954 Copenhagen Denmark
XVI 1956 Vienna Austria
XVII 1958 Rome Italy
XVIII 1961 Madrid Spain
XIX 1963 Prague Czechoslovakia
XX 1965 Bucharest Romania
XXI 1967 Maryland United States
XXII 1969 München Germany
XXIII 1971 Moscow USSR
XXIV 1973 Buenos Aires Argentina
XXV 1975 Grenoble France
XXVI 1977 Adelaide Australia
XXVII 1979 Athens Greece
XXVIII 1981 Acapulco Mexico
XXIX 1983 Budapest Hungary
XXX 1985 Nagoya Japan
XXXI 1987 Warszawa Poland
XXXII 1989 Rio de Janeiro Brazil
XXXIII 1993 Beijing China
XXXIV 1995 Lausanne Switzerland
XXXV 1997 Antwerp Belgium
XXXVI 1999 Vancouver Canada
XXXVII 2001 Durban South Africa
XXXVIII 2003 Ljubljana Slovenia
XXXIX 2005 Dublin Ireland
XL 2007 Melbourne Australia
XLI 2009 Montpellier France
XLII 2011 Buenos Aires Argentina
XLIII 2013 Kiev Ukraine
XLIV 2015 Daejeon South Korea


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