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The 'Apito de Samba' or 'Samba' whistle.

Apito de Samba is the whistle ("apito" in Portuguese) used in samba music and other Brazilian music styles. In samba a special tri-tone samba whistle and common referee whistles are also used. It is important in organizing and conducting the band. The band leader and the section leaders make various signals to organize the band.

Outside Brasil, especially in Europe, the samba whistle is also used as a rhythm instrument. This part is not compelling done by the band leader.

Samba whistle and maracas

The samba whistle is easy to learn, so it is also a suitable toy musical instrument for children. Besides the basic tone, two extra tones can be produced by placing fingers on and off two side holes. In this field of application, but also in samba music, the samba whistle is a perfect supplement for the maracas. This requires very loud maracas so the whistle doesn't drown them out.