Aplasia cutis congenita

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Aplasia cutis congenita
Classification and external resources
Specialty medical genetics
ICD-10 Q84.8 (ILDS Q84.810)
OMIM 107600
DiseasesDB 32731
eMedicine article/1110134

Aplasia cutis congenita (also known as "Cutis aplasia," "Congenital absence of skin," and "Congenital scars"[1]) is the most common congenital cicatricial alopecia, and is a congenital focal absence of epidermis with or without evidence of other layers of the skin.[2][3]

It can be associated with Johanson-Blizzard syndrome, Adams-Oliver syndrome, trisomy 13, and Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome.[4] It can also seen with exposure to methimazole and carbimazole in utero.[5] This dermatological manifestation has been linked to Peptidase D haploinsufficiency and a deletion in Chromosome 19.[6]


This condition has been linked to mutations in the ribosomal GTPase BMS1 gene.[7]

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