Apocalypse (Drayton Manor)

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Drayton Manor
Area Aerial Park
Status Operating
Opening date 27 May 2000
General statistics
Attraction type Drop tower
Manufacturer Intamin
Theme Industrial/Hazardous
Height 177 ft (54 m)
G-force 4
Rows 5
Riders per row 4
Height restriction 120 cm (3 ft 11 in)

Apocalypse is a 54-metre-high (177 ft) freefall tower ride located at Drayton Manor Theme Park, England.


The ride was built by Intamin in 1999 and opened on 27 May 2000 by girl band B*Witched. The tower has five sides, with each ride gondola holding four riders. It is themed as a science operation. The ride, which has been voted 'Britain’s scariest ride' features three different forms of seating:

  • Standard - Riders sit in a standard seat for the duration of the ride.
  • Stand Up - Riders stand up for the duration of the ride with a floor beneath their feet.
  • Stand Up Floorless - Riders stand up for the duration of the ride with no floor beneath their feet.

In both of the stand up experiences, the gondolas tilt forwards to a 15° angle as they ascend. They return to a vertical angle as they drop.

The Apocalypse was the first stand-up tower drop in the world and it kept the title as the only one until 2005 when Hurakan Condor opened in PortAventura. The stand-up floorless variation was introduced in 2002, originally dubbed the 'Fifth Element'.

Riders reach 50 miles per hour (80 km/h), falling 54 metres (177 ft) in 4 seconds. In 2008 the ride received an Airtime Award from amusement park fansite CoasterForce.com, whose members voted it the "Best Thrill Ride in Europe".

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