Apocalypse Oz

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Apocalypse Oz
Directed by Ben Telford
Produced by Bradley Warden
Written by

Ben Telford

Frank L Baum

Joseph Conrad
Cinematography Kev Robertson
Edited by

Ben Telford

Bradley Warden
CineClash Productions
Release date
Running time
25 mins.
Language English/ Vietnamese
Budget $38,000

Apocalypse Oz is a 2006 short film. It is based on the novels Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum. The script is a hybrid of the two classic films Apocalypse Now and The Wizard of Oz, and uses only dialogue from these films.


Dorothy Willard, an Amerasian product of the Vietnam War, is tired of living with her abusive foster parents in Kansas. Dorothy decides that "there's no horror like home" and accepts a dream mission that takes her deep into the desert to hunt down and "terminate with extreme prejudice" an insane, renegade US Army colonel - codenamed 'The Wizard'.



The film received positive reviews. Film Threat's review said “Apocalypse Oz” had the ability to ruin it from the very beginning but Telford’s direction, convincing performances and an original concept make this worth watching." Quiet Earth described it as a "kinetic punk-rock gem of a film... something entirely new [that] attempts to explore new ways of telling stories."

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