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Apogee Software, LLC
Industry Computer and video games
Interactive entertainment
Founded 2008
Headquarters Garland, Texas, United States
Website www.apogeesoftware.com

Apogee Software, LLC is an American video game publisher based in Garland, Texas, founded in 2008. The original Apogee Software was founded in 1987, it was rebranded as 3D Realms in 1994, and the Apogee Software moniker was abandoned as a trade name; though the company's legal name is still 'Apogee Software, Ltd', the company known as 'Apogee Software, LLC' is an external licensee of the revived Apogee brand.[1][2]


The original Apogee Software was established in 1987 as Apogee Software Ltd. In 1994, Apogee established its 3D Realms brand for publishing 3D video games distributed by the company. By 1996, with 3D video games dominating the industry, the Apogee name was dropped and all games by the company were published under the 3D Realms brand, although the company's legal name remains Apogee Software, Ltd.[3]

In July 2008, 3D Realms announced they would revive the Apogee Games brand to develop and publish new games, as well as help distribute older Apogee titles.[1] The Apogee name, logo and library were licensed to a new company, Apogee Software, LLC. George Broussard and Scott Miller, both of 3D Realms, assisted in the formation of the new company, but have no role in any of its management decisions.[2] The new Apogee soon signed a deal with Deep Silver to co-publish a trio of Duke Nukem games for the Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable called Duke Nukem Trilogy.[4] The company also sells several Apogee and 3D Realms titles through the digital distribution platform GOG.com[5] and its own online store.[6]

Icarus Studios announced in early 2010 that it will partner with Apogee Software, LLC to develop a new action comedy game entitled Sam Suede in Undercover Exposure.[7][8]


For games published by Apogee Software Ltd., see List of 3D Realms games.


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