Apollo 3 (band)

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Apollo 3
Origin Köln, Germany
Genres Alternative rock, rap rock
Years active 2006-present
Website apollo3.tv
Members Henry Horn
Marvin Schlatter
Dario Flick

Apollo 3 is a German band, consisting of three members Henry Horn (*25.June 1997), Marvin Schlatter (*25. August 1996) and Dario Flick (*5.January 1997).

Band history[edit]

2006-2009: Foundation and the start of their career[edit]

The members all come from cologne and already played together at the age of nine. They were in the same form in school for three years. When they turned ten, their class teacher noticed their musical talent and made contact to the songwriter and music producer Niko Floss. Their debut album “Apollo 3” (of the same name as the band) was published on the 8. May 2009 through the major label Sony Music Entertainment and included among others the song “Superhelden”, which was used as theme melody in the film “Vorstadtkrokodile”.

At the time of the publication the band members were 11 (Henry) and 12 (Marvin and Dario) years old. For the song “Superhelden” a music video was made, which plays in a cinema. You can see parts of the film “Vorstadtkrokodile”. The single reached the german charts number 35 and the album number 33. June 19. 2009 the second single release “Startschuss” was published, which reached number 84 in the german charts.

2010: Second album “2010” and contributing in a cinema film[edit]

On the 12. March 2010 the second album “2010” was released, which included next to 10 old songs from the previous album five new ones. Two of those were published as singles. The single “Chaos” was released on the 9.April 2010 and “Unverwundbar” on the 13. August 2010. In the film “Teufelskicker” based on Frauke Nahrgangs books and audiobooks the band members all played a role. Henry played the main character Moritz, while Marvin and Dario played the minor roles Shadow and Alex. The theme melody was “Diabolisch” from their album.

2011: Theme melody for a cinema film[edit]

As a theme melody for the film “Löwenzahn – Das Kinoabenteuer” the song “Überflieger” was released, which was also published as a single on the 6. May 2011. The single “Adrenalin” from the first album was also used.

2012-2013: Third album “Feier Dein Leben”[edit]

In 2012 the songs “Limit” and “Wir sehn uns dann am Meer” were performed in concerts as forerunners for the next album. Latter was published in the summer of 2013 as a single, in a version without Marvin singing. On September 13 another forerunner was published as a single “Feier Dein Leben”, again without Marvin singing. In the same month on the 27. of September 2013 the album “Feier Dein Leben” was published. The album not only has differences in the style of music to the previous albums, but also in the voice of Henry. Also Marvin only sings in one of 13 songs. In September 2013 RTL2 “Berlin – Tag & Nacht” made the second single extraction from their 2013 album “Feier Dein Leben” to their campaign song.

2014: Performances and tour[edit]

The band had a guest performance in the scripted reality show “Köln 50667”. In the episode they played a concert in a club with a performance of “Feier Dein Leben”. In February 2014 the band went on their “Feier Dein Leben” - tour in Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne.

2015: Working on a new album[edit]

The members of the Apollo 3 announced a new album with photos in the studio. On March 20, 2015 they revealed a snippet from one of their new songs.

Other works[edit]

As their first song “Superhelden” was the theme song of the film “Vorstadtkrokodile”, the band shot a music video with Leonie Tepe (Maria), who also played one of the crocodiles. 2007: Henry Horn had a part in one episode of “Alarm für Cobra 11 – Die Autobahnpolizei”. In the teenager series “Schloss Einstein” the band had a guest part playing a jury. They were the prominent faces in the RTL2 “It's fun” campaign for 8 weeks.



Year Film Henry's Role Dario's Role Marvin's Role Notes
Alarm für Cobra 11 - Die Autobahnpolizei
Episode: In bester Absicht
Die Teufelskicker
Schloss Einstein
Jury member
Jury member
Jury member
Episode: Folge 671


  • 2009: Superhelden ("Superheroes")
  • 2009: Startschuss ("Starting Shot")
  • 2010: Chaos
  • 2013: Wir sehn uns dann am Meer ("We See Ourselves By The Sea")
  • 2013: Feier dein Leben ("Celebrate Your Life")


  • 2009: Vorstadtkrokodile - Superhelden ("Superheroes") and Adrenalin
  • 2009: E-Explosiv - Das Magazin - Brich Mein Herz ("Break My Heart")
  • 2010: Die Teufelskicker - Diabolisch ("Diabolically") and Adrenalin Remix
  • 2010: Vorstadtkrokodile 2 - Superhelden ("Superheroes")
  • 2011: Vorstadtkrokodile 3 - Superhelden ("Superheroes")
  • 2011: "Löwenzahn - Das Kinoabenteuer - Überflieger ("Flyer")

Music Videos[edit]

  • 2009: Superhelden ("Superheroes")
  • 2009: Startschuss ("Starting Shot")
  • 2010: Chaos
  • 2013: Wir sehn uns dann am Meer ("We'll See Each Other By The Sea")
  • 2013: Feier dein Leben ("Celebrate Your Life")
  • 2014: Limit


  • 2009: Apollo 3
  • 2010: 2010
  • 2013: Feier dein Leben ("Celebrate Your Life")

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