Apollon Kalamarias

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Apollon Kalamarias
Apollon Kalamarias FC crest
Full name Μορφωτικός Γυμναστικός Σύλλογος
Απόλλων Καλαμαριάς
Morfotikos Gymnastikos Syllogos
Apollon Kalamarias
Nickname Rossonery
Founded 1926
Colours Red and Black
Website Apollon Kalamarias F.C. Official Website
Apollon Kalamarias V.C. Official Website

Apollon Kalamarias (Greek: Απόλλων Καλαμαριάς) is a Greek sport's club from Thessaloniki founded in 1926 it is the best supported team in Greece. The club is named after Apollo, the mythical Greek god and its colors are red and black.


When thousands of Pontic Greek refugees settled in and around Thessaloniki after the Greco-Turkish War and the subsequent population exchange which was done by force after the Pontic Genocide, a group of them formed a musical club to continue their local traditions.The club's first emblem was the image of ancient Olympian god Apollo, Greek God of music and poetry.

Growing in popularity amongst the inhabitants of Kalamaria, the club soon expanded with a theatrical department, and later, a sports department. It was around this time the club colors were chosen - red, and black.



Apollon Kalamarias F.C.
Apollon Kalamarias B.C.
Apollon Kalamarias V.C.

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