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Apollos University
Motto The Gateway to Your Future
Type Private, For-profit college
Established 2004
President Dr. Scott Eidson
Provost Dr. Robin Westerik
Address 600 Central Plaza, Suite 215, Great Falls, Montana, United States
47°30′18″N 111°17′49″W / 47.504874°N 111.297008°W / 47.504874; -111.297008Coordinates: 47°30′18″N 111°17′49″W / 47.504874°N 111.297008°W / 47.504874; -111.297008
Website www.apollos.edu

Apollos University, headquartered in Great Falls, Montana is an American privately owned distance education university. The university offers accredited Doctoral, Master's, Bachelor's and Associate's degree programs in Business Administration, Management and Information Technology.

The university was founded in August 2004 as a non-profit university.[1] However, it closed the non-profit corporation and reopened as a for-profit corporation in May, 2005.[1][not in citation given] The new corporation was named Apollos University of California with a "doing business as" name of Apollos University. Formerly headquartered in Huntington Beach, California,[2] Apollos moved to Great Falls, Montana, on September 30, 2016.[3]

Apollos University received its approval from the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education (BPPVE)[4] in July 2005 and enrolled its first student in September 2005. The university held its first graduation ceremony in July 2007.[5] Apollos University is an accredited member of the Distance Education Accreditation Commission (DEAC).[6]

Apollos University has a global staff and faculty. The university has students located in four different continents: North America, Africa, Asia and Europe.[5] It has divisions in Business and Organizational Management.[7]


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