Apologies Are for the Weak

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Apologies Are for the Weak
Studio album by Miss May I
Released June 23, 2009
Recorded 2008 – 2009 @ The Foundation Recording Studios in Connersville, Indiana
Genre Metalcore
Length 34:15
Label Rise
Producer Joey Sturgis
Miss May I chronology
Demo 2008
(2008)Demo 20082008
Apologies Are for the Weak

Apologies Are for the Weak is the debut album and third release from the metalcore band Miss May I, and is their only album with bassist and clean vocalist Josh Gillespie. The album reached number 29 on Billboard's Top Heatseekers,[1] and number 66 on Top Independent Albums.[2]


The album sold well over 25,000 copies in one year.[3] Music videos were made for two of the songs, "Architect" and "Forgive and Forget". The album's title track was featured in the 2011 video game Saints Row: The Third.

Apologies Are for the Weak is also the last release by the band to include bassist and clean vocalist Josh Gillespie. After this album, Gillespie would depart from the band which had original bass player, Ryan Neff rejoin Miss May I.

Music videos[edit]

The video for "Forgive and Forget" was the first music video released from this album and starts with a boy who is evidently home alone. After coloring, he falls asleep while watching a propaganda television program on nuclear power. Shortly after, a man walks into the living room, and more people enter. The band is shown playing in two locations, a stage, and spread out in the house, where the crowd of people are all moshing and destroying everything. After a period of time, two men enter to make the people leave the house. The two men then come back to the boy, who is asleep. They soon disappear as the boy wakes up to find his home almost completely destroyed as the television program ends.

Miss May I, previous to this album, had a music video produced for their song "Architect" from their demo tape Demo 2008 (before the band was signed to Rise).

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "A Dance with Aera Cura" 3:19
2. "Architect" 4:07
3. "Not Our Tomorrow" 3:12
4. "Arms of the Messiah" 3:15
5. "Apologies Are for the Weak" 3:12
6. "Harlots Breath" 3:56
7. "Tides" 3:18
8. "Blessing with a Curse" 3:04
9. "Porcelain Wings" 3:20
10. "Forgive and Forget" 3:32
Total length: 34:15



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