Apostolic Nunciature to Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Meeting of the apostolic nuncio Luigi Pezzuto and Chairmen of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Nebojša Radmanović

The Apostolic Nunciature to Bosnia and Herzegovina is an ecclesiastical office of the Roman Catholic Church in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a diplomatic post of the Holy See, whose representative is called the Apostolic Nuncio to Bosnia and Herzegovina with the rank of an ambassador. The office of the nunciature has been located in Sarajevo since 1993.[1] The current Apostolic Nuncio to Bosnia and Herzegovina is His Most Reverend Excellency Luigi Pezzuto, who was appointed by Pope Benedict XVI on 17 November 2012.

List of Apostolic Nuncios to Bosnia and Herzegovina[edit]

Nuncio Term[2]
Francesco Monterisi in Sarajevo.jpg Francesco Monterisi 11 June 1993 - 7 March 1998
Giuseppe Leanza 29 April 1999 - 22 February 2003
Santos Abril y Castelló 9 April 2003 - 21 November 2005
Alessandro D’Errico Sarajevo 2012.jpg Alessandro D’Errico 21 November 2005 - 21 May 2012
Luigi Pezzuto 01.jpg Luigi Pezzuto 17 November 2012 - incumbent


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