Apostolic Vicariate of Gambella

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The Apostolic Vicariate of Gambella (Latin: Vicariatus Apostolicus Gambellensis) (formerly the Apostolic Prefecture of Gambella) is a Roman Catholic missionary pre-diocesan jurisdiction (known as an apostolic vicariate) in the western part of Ethiopia.

It is exempt, i.e. immediately dependent upon the Holy See (notably the Roman Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples), not part of any ecclesiastical province (such as the Metropolitan archbishopric of Addis Abbeba).

Its cathedral episcopal see is the St. Joseph Cathedral, in Gambela.


On 16 November 2000 it was established as Apostolic prefecture of Gambella, on territory split-off from the Apostolic Prefecture of Jimma–Bonga, the only other one in Ethiopia observing the Roman rite (like all five Apostolic vicariates in the predominantly Coptic country).

On 5 December 2009 it was promoted an apostolic vicariate, [1] since entitled to a titular bishop.


(Roman Rite, so far missionary members of a Latin congregation)

Apostolic Prefect of Gambella
  • Angelo Moreschi, Salesians (S.D.B.), (2000.11.16 – 2009.12.05 see below)
Apostolic Vicars of Gambella

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