Apostolico–Giancarlo algorithm

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In computer science, the Apostolico–Giancarlo algorithm is a variant of the Boyer–Moore string search algorithm, the basic application of which is searching for occurrences of a pattern in a text . As with other comparison-based string searches, this is done by aligning to a certain index of and checking whether a match occurs at that index. is then shifted relative to according to the rules of the Boyer-Moore algorithm, and the process repeats until the end of has been reached. Application of the Boyer-Moore shift rules often results in large chunks of the text being skipped entirely.

With regard to the shift operation, Apostolico-Giancarlo is exactly equivalent in functionality to Boyer-Moore. The utility of Apostolico-Giancarlo is to speed up the match-checking operation at any index. With Boyer-Moore, finding an occurrence of in requires that all characters of be explicitly matched. For certain patterns and texts, this is very inefficient - a simple example is when both pattern and text consist of the same repeated character, in which case Boyer-Moore runs in where is the length in characters of . Apostolico-Giancarlo speeds this up by recording the number of characters matched at the alignments of in a table, which is combined with data gathered during the pre-processing of to avoid redundant equality checking for sequences of characters that are known to match.