Apotekarnes Cola

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Apotekarnes Cola
Type Soft drink
Manufacturer Pripps/Carlsberg Sverige
Introduced late 1990s
Variants julmust
Related products Coca-Cola

Apotekarnes Cola was a cola-flavoured soft drink produced in Sweden by Pripps/Carlsberg Sverige.

Pripps held the license to sell Coca-Cola until the late 1990s when this license was lost. The other soft drink flavours of the Pripps brewery - such as julmust, sockerdricka and hallonmust - had been using the brand Apotekarnes ("the Pharmacists"), and this brand was also used for the cola that replaced Coca-Cola. Apotekarnes Cola was distributed by Pripps (later merged into Carlsberg Sverige) until they got the license to produce Pepsi-Cola in Sweden.

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