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Appmaker logo.png
Developer(s) AppMakr, Inc.
Initial release January 2010
Operating system iOS, Android, Windows Phone
Type application framework
Website is a do-it-yourself platform to create content-based native mobile apps for iPhone & Android, as well as HTML5 Mobile Websites.[1][2][3][4][5] The process requires no coding knowledge and builds apps with a WYSIWYG editor.[6] It is free to use the site.


Originally a side service offered by technology consulting company PointAbout, AppMakr is now its own brand.[7]

As of October 2010, apps made with AppMakr comprised approximately 1% of all apps in the Apple App Store.[8][9]

AppMakr competes with Red Foundry, Bizness Apps, Mobile Roadie and BuzzTouch.

After the company was initially acquired by ShareThis,[10] it was announced on May 24, 2013, that AppMakr would be deprecating the AppMakr service and taking the site offline.[11] However, the service was then acquired by competitor Infinite Monkeys, who have merged the platform with their existing mobile app builder.[12] The combined entity now claims to be the largest DIY mobile app publisher in the world[13] and hires employees internationally.[14]

In August 2013, Infinite Monkeys acquired AppMakr.[13]

Special Features[edit]

AppMakr's platform uses RSS and API integrations to power the content in a creator's app. This content may include text, images, podcasts, audio, and video. Creators can also add location-aware GeoRSS and Media RSS feeds. Additionally, the platform allows in-app HTML5 and CSS3,[15][16] which serves locally from the mobile device and can access its camera, accelerometer, and other built-in features.

Other platform features include push notifications, native photo galleries, shared calendars, live chat rooms and mobile ad network integration. The AppMakr platform partners with a few advertising networks so that creators can monetize their apps.[17]

Within the editor, creators can customize the look of their apps by designing their icons, splash screens, headers, and tab icons.[18] If creators do not want to design graphics themselves, the platform presents a database of icons to choose from and culls images from related web searches.

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