Apparat Singles Group

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Apparat Singles Group
Created by Warren Ellis
Publication information
Publisher Avatar Press
Formats Original material for the series has been published as a set of one-shot comics.
Publication date November – December 2004
Number of issues 4
Creative team
Artist(s) Juan Jose Ryp (Angel Stomp Future)
Carla Speed McNeil (Frank Ironwine)
Laurenn McCubbin (Quit City)
Jacen Burrows (Simon Spector)
Colorist(s) Greg Waller (Frank Ironwine & Simon Spector)
Creator(s) Warren Ellis
Editor(s) William A. Christensen
Collected editions
Apparat: The Singles Collection ISBN 1-59291-032-7

"Apparat Singles Group", a.k.a. "Apparat", is a fictional comic book line and a label used to publish four one-shot comic books created by Warren Ellis and published by Avatar Press.

Publication history[edit]

The premise behind the line was that each one-shot represented a first issue of a comic published in an alternate reality where pulp stories made a direct transition into comics without spawning superhero comics. Each one-shot came with an essay explaining the premise of the label and a detailed behind-the-scenes explanation for the ideas that led to the creation of each comic. To help maintain the premise, each one-shot had an Apparat label, with the Avatar Press label appearing only on back covers.


Angel Stomp Future[edit]

Genre: Science Fiction

Doctor Angel Antimony takes the reader on a tour of her very weird future. Rampant body modification, black comedy and memetics fill out the pages.

Frank Ironwine[edit]

Genre: Detective

Frank Ironwine is a middle-aged homicide detective with a low-key investigative style, focusing on character and motivation instead of forensics.

Quit City[edit]

Genre: Aviator Adventure

The story follows a woman pilot who dropped out of the Aeropiratika group of adventurers and returned home to San Francisco, where she deals with the unfinished business from her past.

Simon Spector[edit]

Genre: Pulp Vigilantes

Modeled after Doc Savage and The Shadow, Simon Spector is a wealthy man who apparently lives in a skyscraper in Manhattan. He has been trained to kill barehanded and makes use of drugs which make him "super-sane" with advanced cognitive abilities, at the cost of cutting his life expectancy with each dose.

Collected editions[edit]

The four one-shots have been collected into a trade paperback:


Warren Ellis has recently announced plans to return to Apparat label to publish the original graphic novellas Crécy, Aetheric Mechanics, Frankenstein's Womb, and the ongoing monthly Doktor Sleepless.


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