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Appeal may refer to:

Arguments and rhetoric[edit]

Law and parliamentary procedure[edit]

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A common rhetorical device in philosophical texts: "this appeals to/from that" -means roughly "to make sense of this with regard to that"


Philosophical Investigations, by Ludwig Wittgenstein
  • 228 "... it gives expression to the fact that we look to the rule for instruction and do something, without appealing to anything else for guidance."
  • 265 "... justification consists in appealing to something independent. ... surely I can appeal from one memory to another."
The Problems of Philosophy, by Bertrand Russell
  • Ch VI "... If we are challenged as to why we believe that it will continue to rise as heretofore, we may appeal to the laws of motion: ..."
  • Ch VII. "... 'Why should I accept the results of valid arguments based on true premisses?' we can only answer by appealing to our principle. ..."


  • Appeal to the Colored Citizens of the World, an 1829 abolitionist pamphlet written by David Walker
  • Appeal of 18 June, Charles de Gaulle's call for French resistance against Nazi Germany after the Battle of France
  • The Mariam Appeal, a political campaign established in 1998


Other uses[edit]