Apennine deciduous montane forest

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Mixed forest (Abies alba and Fagus sylvatica) in Cimone Mountain, northern Apennine

The Apennine deciduous montane forests, a temperate broadleaf and mixed forests biome, are an ecoregion in the mountain ranges of northern and central Italy, including the Apennine Mountains.


Vegetation zones[edit]

The ecoregion has two major vegetation zones:
1. Extensive forests

With sporadic presence of Quercus ssp., Fraxinus ssp., Acer ssp. and other central - European broadleaved species.

2. Mountain summit meadows and cushion scrubs, with the predominant species:

Endemic species[edit]

There are a high number of endemic species increasing at higher elevations and representing between 10 and 20% of the total flora.

Alpine species include

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