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Founded in 1994, Appian Graphics was a supplier of multi-monitor graphics accelerators.

The company was best known for its Jeronimo and Gemini product lines, and for the HydraVision display management software. The main competitor for Appian on the multi-monitor solutions market was STB Systems.

The company was acquired in July 2001 by Colorgraphic.

Appian Graphics originally developed HydraVision in the late 1990s[1] for their multi-head display solutions. ATI acquired[2] HydraVision in July 2001 along with Appian's HydraVision team to join its then-new dual-head Radeon 7500 and 8500 series.

Appian graphics adapters[edit]

  • Appian J Pro / Appian Jeronimo Pro
    • Quad Head PCI adapter
    • 16 or 32MB (4 or 8MB/head)
    • 3Dlabs Permedia 2 VPU chipset
  • Appian Gemini
    • Dual Head AGP 2X adapter
    • 16MB SGRAM
    • S3 Savage MX chipset based


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