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The Apple-Kneel is a cocktail. It consists of three shots, two Sourz Apple and one Cherry Brandy. Each shot is taken from an average shot glass which is around 1.5 ounces (roughly 45 ml). Firstly, you put two shots of Sourz Apple into a glass and then put in one shot of Cherry Brandy in and mix. It is customary to sip this cocktail. It can be served 'neat' or 'on the rocks'.

Sourz Apple[edit]

Sourz Apple is an apple flavoured fruit liqueur produced by Beam Global Spirits and Wine. It is most commonly served as a shooter but is also used in cocktails. Sourz Apple is an unusual shooter with an ABV of only 15% compared to the usual 30-50% found in most shooters.

Cherry Brandy[edit]

This is a Fruit Brandy as it is distilled from cherries. It is usually drunk chilled or over Ice. It has an ABV of around 24%.

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