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Apple isople and fictional characters with the name include:


  • Andrew O. Apple (1845-1890), American Civil War soldier and Medal of Honor recipient
  • Billy Apple (born 1935), New Zealand artist
  • Chris Apple (born 1970), American professional soccer player and coach
  • David J. Apple (1941-2011) American ophthalmologist, pathologist, biographer and medical historian
  • Eli Apple (born 1995), American National Football League player
  • Erik Apple (born 1977), American professional mixed martial arts fighter
  • Fiona Apple (born 1977), Grammy award winning American singer-songwriter
  • Heather Elizabeth Apple (born 1948), Canadian writer, artist, and educator
  • Max Apple (born 1941), American author and academic
  • Michael Apple (born 1942), American critical educational theorist
  • Pat Apple (born 1957), American politician
  • R. W. Apple Jr. (1934–2006), associate editor at The New York Times
  • Raymond Apple (rabbi) (born 1935), former Senior Rabbi of the Great Synagogue of Sydney, Australia
  • Thomas Apple (born 1954), American entrepreneur and inventor

Given name[edit]

  • Apple Hong (fl. 1999-present), Malaysian actress and singer
  • Apple Pope (fl. 2006-present), American rugby league player
  • Apple Wilson, a character in the Canadian animated series Mother Up!


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