Apple 410 Color Plotter

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Apple 410 Color Plotter
Apple Color Plotter crop (7154380074).jpg
Working Apple Color Plotter in 2012
Introduced 1983 (1983)
Discontinued 1988 (1988)
Cost US$1,200 (equivalent to $2,886 in 2016)
Type Plotter
Ports RS-232
Color 4
Language YEWPL (9 line styles, 15 special symbols)

The Apple 410 Color Plotter (OEM Yokogawa's YEW PL-1000) was a color plotter printer sold by Apple, Inc. The colors came in either water or oil based inks.

The printer could be connected to an Apple II (with an installed Super Serial Card) or Apple III computer.

It is now discontinued.


eagle.def entry
Type     = PenPlotter
Long     = "Yokogawa PL 1000 plotter"
Init     = "IP 0;IW 0,0,380,250; IP 1;\n"
Reset    = "MA 0,0\n"
Width    = 16
Height   = 11
ResX     = 254
ResY     = 254
PenSelect  = "PS %u\n"
PenSpeed   = "PV %1.0f\n"
Move       = "MA %d,%d\n"
Draw       = "DA %d,%d\n"
PenCircleRxCxCy = "AC %d,%d,%d,1800,5400\n"