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Apple A10X Fusion
Apple A10X Fusion.jpg
General information
LaunchedJune 16, 2017
DiscontinuedApril 20, 2021
Designed byApple Inc.
Common manufacturer(s)
Product codeAPL1071[2]
Max. CPU clock rateto 2.38 GHz[3]
L1 cachePer core: 64 KB instruction + 64 KB data[4]
L2 cache8 MB shared[4]
Architecture and classification
Min. feature size10FF nm[1]
MicroarchitectureHurricane and Zephyr
Instruction setARMv8.1‑A: A64, A32, T32
Physical specifications
GPU(s)12 core[5]
Products, models, variants
Variant(s)Apple A10 Fusion
PredecessorApple A9X
SuccessorApple A12X Bionic

The Apple A10X Fusion is a 64-bit ARM-based system on a chip (SoC) designed by Apple Inc. and manufactured by TSMC. It first appeared in the 10.5" iPad Pro and the second-generation 12.9" iPad Pro, which were both announced on June 5, 2017.[6] The A10X is a variant of the A10 and Apple claims that it has 30 percent faster CPU performance and 40 percent faster GPU performance than its predecessor, the A9X.[6]


The A10X features an Apple-designed 64-bit 2.38 GHz[3] ARMv8-A six-core CPU, with three high-performance Hurricane cores and three energy-efficient Zephyr cores.[5][1] The A10X also integrates a twelve-core graphics processing unit (GPU)[5] which appears to be the same Apple customized Imagination PowerVR cores used in the A10.[7] Embedded in the A10X is the M10 motion coprocessor.[8]

Built on TSMC's 10 nm FinFET process[7] with a die size of 96.4mm2, the A10X is 34% smaller than the A9X and as of June 2017 is the smallest iPad SoC.[1] The A10X is the first TSMC 10nm chip to be used by a consumer device.[1]

The A10X is paired with 4 GB of LPDDR4 memory in the second-generation 12.9" iPad Pro[9] and the 10.5" iPad Pro,[2] and 3 GB in the 4K Apple TV.[10]

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