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Apple Adjustable Keyboard
Apple Adjustable Keyboard M1242 different views.jpeg
Developer Apple Computer
Type Ergonomic QWERTY keyboard
Release date 1993 (1993)
Introductory price US$219 (equivalent to $363.08 in 2016)

The Apple Adjustable Keyboard is an ergonomic and adjustable keyboard introduced by Apple Computer in 1993 for the Macintosh personal computers at a retail price of US$219. The keyboard attached to the computer via the Apple Desktop Bus (ADB). The last Apple computer released compatible with this keyboard without using a USB to ADB adapter was the Power Macintosh G3 (Blue & White), as it was the last one with the Apple Desktop Bus.

It aimed to solve repetitive stress injuries resulting in carpal tunnel syndrome, after several computer keyboard manufacturers were sued for poor design[citation needed]. The Apple Adjustable Keyboard came with contoured plastic wrist rests, and a separate keypad with function keys and arrow keys. This was the third and last time Apple offered a separate numeric keypad. Unlike its predecessors, it was not sold separately. The keyboard also included volume buttons and a record button on the right side of the keyboard.

It was hinged at the top, allowing the user to adjust the angle between the right and left sides of the keyboard. The split came between the key pairs: 5/6, T/Y, G/H, and B/N. The space bar floated midway between the two parts. Although the keyboard addressed several ergonomic problems, it was reviewed poorly due to using a large amount of desk space, mainly because of the optional palm rests.

The keyboard uses Alps SKFS switches, which provide tactile feedback with a slightly "clicky" feel.

Apple Adjustable Keyboard With Key Switch Exposed
A Centris 660AV with 17" monitor and adjustable keyboard.

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