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Apple Bottom jeans

Apple Bottoms is a fashion brand for women launched in 2003 by rap artist Nelly, Yomi Martin and Ian Kelly.[1][2] The brand was initially a denim label, but has since expanded to include other women's and girl's clothing, perfume and accessories.[3]

The brand was launched with a model search televised on VH1.[4] It quickly became popular in the hip hop community, and is referenced in various rap songs, including Twista's "Overnight Celebrity", MC Jin's "36-24-36", T-Pain's "Applebottom Jeans", DaCav5's "Tetris", Flo Rida's "Low", and Eminem's "Shake That". In 2006, it was the sixth most popular denim brand, based on Google searches.[5]

As of 2012, Apple Bottoms are sold through the website The brand's last ad campaign was in 2010, and featured Nelly.[6]


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