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Apple IMC is an independent company given the title of "Independent Marketing Company" authorised to be a distributor for the computer manufacturer Apple Inc.[1]


A number of countries have an Apple IMC including Poland, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Turkey and UAE.[2]


ECS is a reseller and distributor of Apple computerproducts. The company has existed in its present form since 1996. It opened its first Russian retailshop, Re:Store in 2005 and has taken an expansive strategy and opened operations in a number of European countries. In 2006 it established a separate company, iPro, to function as a provider of "professional solutions".[clarification needed].[3]

In March 2008, ECS opened its first German shop in the town of Düsseldorf. Currently the company is present in Russia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Currently a staff of totally 750 is employed in 15 companies. In the Nordic countries 200 are employed in 15 stores.[4]



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