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Apple Insomnia Film Festival was a festival for students to create a short film under 3 minutes long that included several required aspects chosen by Apple in a span of 24 hours.[1] The festival is geared towards young people attending high school or college. The film festival was hosted in 2006 and 2007.


The 2007 season yielded more than 3,000 entries to Apple Inc. Approximately 1900 of the entries made their way to the gallery for voting. The voting started more than a day after it was scheduled to. In late November 2007, the two grand prize winners of the festival were announced. The Public Rating Grand Prize Winner was the short film "Hobopus" made by Vassar Filmmakers. The Celebrity Judges Pick was "Imagine" made by the Advent Creative Team, consisting of Clay Olsen, Jackson Olsen, Cam Lee, Seth Jenks, Scott Hyldahl, and Pete Smithsuth. A third prize, the Slingjam Creative Award, was given to Team Geezers for their film "Suburban Tea."

The films can be viewed on the Apple Insomnia Film Festival main site.

Apple has announced that the 2008 Insomnia Film Festival has been postponed until after the holidays due to unexpected challenges. The website for the festival has since been removed, and Apple sent students an email saying that it was cancelled. No further word has been given as to the festival's state.


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