Apple Jack

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Apple Jack (aka The Legend of Apple Jack)
The Legend of Apple Jack.jpg
Directed by Mark Whiting
Produced by Ran Barker (line)
Written by Mark Whiting
Music by Toby Dammit
Distributed by Tranquility Pictures
Running time
16 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Apple Jack or The Legend of Apple Jack is a 2003 American short film directed by Mark Whiting, and produced by Tranquility Pictures. The filming was performed on Sable Ranch, Canyon Country, California. The film was released on DVD in August, 2006.


On October 30, 1938, UFO reports about sightings over the United States are heard on CBS radio, and members of a neighborhood gets ready to fight the incoming extraterrestrials. That same night, two notorious criminals run away and are never heard from again.



  • Film Festival awards
    • Won, L.A. Shorts Fest, 2003, (Mark Whiting)
    • Won, Deep Ellum Film Festival, 2004, for Best Short Film (Mark Whiting)
    • Won, Deep Ellum Film Festival, 2004, for Best Comedy Short (Mark Whiting)

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