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Apple Store
Type of site
Online retailer
Available in English
Owner Apple Inc.
Created by Apple Inc.
Commercial Yes
Launched February 19, 1987; 29 years ago (1987-02-19) (Apple website)[1]
November 10, 1997; 19 years ago (1997-11-10) (Apple Store)[2]
Current status Online

The Apple Store is the online store of Apple Inc.[3] All of Apple's product lines are carried as well as select brands of accessories for its products. It is owned and operated by Apple from Cupertino, California and their subsidiaries. Besides the online store-front, items from the store can also be ordered by phone.

As of November 2013, Apple's online store was available in 39 countries,[4] with physical Apple Stores numbering 444 in sixteen countries (263 US/181 elsewhere).[5] They reported global sales of US$16 billion in merchandise in 2011, and led the United States retail market in terms of sales per unit area.[6]


Less than a year after acquiring NeXT in the final days of 1996, Apple opened an online store on November 10, 1997, built using NeXT's WebObjects web application technology.

WebObjects enabled Apple to build and deploy its online store within a year. Steve Jobs announced that the new online store received over $12 million in orders in its first month of operation.[7]

On June 15, 2010, Apple released an Apple Store app for iOS. It allows users to buy products, find stores, and make appointments.[8]

In August 2015, Apple's entire website became the online store, with no Store tab.[9] Products can now be purchased with a "Buy" button.[10]

Products sold[edit]

  • Hardware, including: iPhone, Apple Watch, iPod Touch, iPad, MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, iMac, Mac Mini, iPod, Apple TV, Apple Cinema Displays, AirPort cards and base stations, Xserve, and Apple accessories such as wireless keyboards and mice. Computer hardware purchased from the Apple Store online, or over the phone can also be configured-to-order with options that often include faster or larger hard drives and faster processors. Build to Order gave customer choice, simplified inventory, and instant availability.
  • Apple Software, including: macOS, iLife and iWork application bundles, Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Shake, and other miscellaneous Apple software titles.
  • Third Party Software made for macOS, such as design software, productivity software, games, utilities, and most new software that has been released for macOS.
  • Select Third Party Accessories for Apple products, ranging from carrying cases for Apple notebooks and iPod sleeves to speakers, printers, scanners, memory upgrades, and digital cameras.
  • Refurbished Hardware, including lower cost, yet completely up to date (in terms of software), variants of the MacBooks, iMacs, Mac minis, iPods and other products. As of August 2009 to the Present Day, there are/were no refurbished iPhones in the online store. However, Apple did sell prototype iPhones for a massive profit for about 3 weeks in 2006.

Also available are Apple Instant Loans, as well as gift certificates to both the Apple Store and the iTunes Store. It offers automatic online discounts to "educational" users who include both faculty and students of higher education, and faculty of K-12 schools in addition to discounts for business buyers internationally and United States government employees.

New products release[edit]

When Apple release new products or performs a maintenance upgrade to their online store, they display a holding page. Per language this page usually displays the following notice:

Language Message
English We'll be back.
We're busy updating the Apple Store for you and will be back soon.
Chinese (Simplified) 我们将很快恢复服务.
我们正在努力更新Apple Store在线商店,将很快恢复服务.
Czech Vrátíme se.
Momentálně jsme zaneprázdněni aktualizací obchodu Apple Store. Vrátíme se zpět co nejdřive.
Dutch Heel even geduld.
We zijn de Apple Store aan het bijwerken dus we vragen heel even je geduld.
French De retour bientôt.
Nous mettons actuellement l'Apple Store à jour et serons bientôt de retour.
Nous allons revenir bientôt.
L'Apple Store est en cours de mise à jour. Il sera de nouveau en ligne bientôt.
German Wir sind bald wieder da.
Wir aktualisieren gerade das Angebot im Apple Online Store. Die Seite ist demnächst wieder verfügbar.
Hungarian Visszatérünk.
Éppen frissítjük az Apple Online Store oldalait – hamarosan visszatérünk.
Italian Torniamo subito.
Stiamo aggiornando l’Apple Store. Torniamo subito.
Japanese しばらくお待ちください.
Apple Store をアップデート中です。しばらくお待ちください.
Korean 곧 다시 찾아 뵙겠습니다.
Apple Store를 업데이트하는 중입니다. 잠시만 기다려주십시오.
Norwegian Vi er snart tilbake.
Vi oppdaterer Apple Store og er snart tilbake.
Polish Zaraz wracamy.
Zajmujemy się uaktualnianiem sklepu Apple Store i w krótce będziemy z powrotem.
Portuguese Voltaremos logo.
Estamos ocupados atualizando an Apple Store e voltaremos logo.
Em breve estaremos de volta.
Estamos ocupados an atualizar an Apple Store e em breve estaremos de volta.
Russian Apple Store Временно недоступен.
Вы можете управлять своими заказми и учетной записью здесь.
Spanish Pronto estaremos de regreso.
Estamos ocupados actualizando el Apple Store y ya estaremos de vuelta.
Volvemos enseguida.
Estamos actualizando la Apple Store pero volvemos enseguida.
Swedish Vi är snart tillbaka.
Vi håller just nu på att uppdatera Apple Store och är snart tillbaka.
Thai เราจะกลับมาให้บริการในไม่ช้า.
Apple Store อยู่ในระหว่างการปรับปรุงและจะกลับมาให้บริการใหม่เร็ว ๆนี้.
Turkish Yakında yeniden sizinle olacağız.
Şu anda Apple Store’u sizin için güncelliyoruz ve yakında yeniden sizinle olacağız.


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