Apple Trek

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Apple Trek
Apple Trek
Screenshot of Apple Trek
Publisher(s) Apple Inc
Platform(s) Apple II
Release date(s) INT 1979
Genre(s) Simulation
Mode(s) Single-player

Apple Trek is a computer game for the Apple II family of computers based on the Star Trek science fiction series.


This is similar to the earlier mainframe-based Star Trek game. It runs in text mode and was written in Integer BASIC.

The object of the game is to defeat all the Klingons (called "Klarnons" in some versions) on the board. Resources may be replenished at starbases.

A depiction of the known quadrants is at the top of the text screen, with three-digit numbers indicating the number of Klingons, the number of starbases and the number of stars respectively. Navigating to a different quadrant reveals the adjacent quadrants. A depiction of the quadrant in which the Enterprise is present is in the lower left.

Absolute position is given as ordered pairs: vertical, from the top; and horizontal, from the left. Angle notation is navigation style: 0 degrees at the top, counting clockwise.

Two unusual features the game had, for text-based Star Trek games, were that when torpedoes were fired the player would see them travel, and also that the Klingons had torpedoes (in these early games, they were usually armed only with disruptors).

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