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The Apple University Consortium is a partnership between Apple Australia and a number of Australian universities. Every two years it holds the AUC Academic & Developers Conference in an Australian city. It also sponsors subsidised seats to the WWDC conference in San Francisco each year for university staff and students.

Mission statement[edit]

"To enhance and increase computing technology on campus, provide low-cost computing to the University community and, in conjunction with Apple, further develop Apple products and share experiences amongst other tertiary education institutions."[1]

Apple Ceases Funding[edit]

As of September 28, 2012 Apple will no longer provide funding for the AUC. The AUC Executive's intention is that programs already announced for 2012 will continue as planned, however, a paper to be circulated in early June will detail the wind-up of the AUC and it is expected that some programs will not be offered as per the AUC Executive's intention. (taken from an email circulated by Tony Gray, Chair of the Apple University Consortium, dated 25 May 2012).

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