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The Apple University Consortium is a partnership between Apple Australia and a number of Australian universities. Every two years it holds the AUC Academic & Developers Conference in an Australian city. It also sponsors subsidised seats to the WWDC conference in San Francisco each year for university staff and students.

Mission statement[edit]

"To enhance and increase computing technology on campus, provide low-cost computing to the University community and, in conjunction with Apple, further develop Apple products and share experiences amongst other tertiary education institutions."[1]

Apple Ceases Funding[edit]

As of September 28, 2012 Apple will no longer provide funding for the AUC. The AUC Executive's intention is that programs already announced for 2012 will continue as planned, however, a paper to be circulated in early June will detail the wind-up of the AUC and it is expected that some programs will not be offered as per the AUC Executive's intention.[2]

Members of the AUC[edit]

Western Australia[edit]

South Australia[edit]



New South Wales[edit]

ACT (Canberra)[edit]


Associate Members of the AUC[edit]

International Associate Member of the AUC[edit]


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  2. ^ Taken from an email circulated by Tony Gray, Chair of the Apple University Consortium, dated 25 May 2012.

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