Appleford Railway Bridge

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Appleford Railway Bridge
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Appleford Railway Bridge
Coordinates51°38′38″N 1°14′25″W / 51.6439°N 1.2404°W / 51.6439; -1.2404Coordinates: 51°38′38″N 1°14′25″W / 51.6439°N 1.2404°W / 51.6439; -1.2404
CarriesCherwell Valley Line
CrossesRiver Thames
Maintained byNetwork Rail
DesignBow and string
Height13 feet (4.0 m)[1]

Appleford Railway Bridge carries the Cherwell Valley Line from Didcot to Oxford across the River Thames near the village of Appleford-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, England. It crosses the Thames on the reach between Clifton Lock and Culham Lock. The bridge was under construction in December 1843.[2]

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