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A Appletiser logo
Appletiser® logo featuring the tagline, "Crown The Moment"

Appletiser is a sparkling fruit juice created by blending fruit juice with carbonated water. French-Italian immigrant Edmond Lombardi created Appletiser in 1966 in Elgin Valley of the Western Cape, South Africa. Appletiser is made from 100% natural apple juice. For export and out of season, the juice is concentrated by extracting the aroma and the water from it. The concentrate can then be stored in cold rooms. In South Africa, the juice is filtered and then immediately bottled, with no water being added. The concentrate can then be converted to juice by adding the water and the concentrated aroma in the original ratios.

Red and White Grapetiser, Peartiser and Appletiser Colours are fruit variants. Appletiser is positioned as a non-alcoholic alternative and is consumed with meals or at celebrations.

Whilst Appletiser is primarily sold in its home market of South Africa, the brand is also marketed in other countries in the SADC, as well as in the UK, Belgium, Canary Islands, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand, whilst being further exported to more than 20 countries worldwide.


In 1965, Edmond Lombardi began creating his sparkling fruit juice, Appletiser, by blending fruit juice with carbonated water–-in Elgin valley of the Western Cape, South Africa. Appletiser is later introduced, achieving national distribution (South Africa) in September 1966.

Further export markets are later opened in 1968, including the Middle and Far East, Africa, Hong Kong, the Congo, Rhodesia, Swaziland, Lesotho and England. 1969, and Appletiser is now exported to Japan and the Canary Islands.

In 1979, The Coca-Cola Company purchases a 50% stake in Appletiser.

Appletiser launches the Red and White Grapetiser in 1981, providing a greater beverage selection. In 1982, Appletiser is launched in the United Kingdom as ‘Appletise’. SAB (South African Breweries) acquires 100% of Appletiser.

15 years later in 1997, The MacMillan Interbrand Survey recognises Appletiser as one of the world's top three hundred brands.

Eventually in 2001, The Appletiser brand name, packaging and positioning is standardised internationally.

Following Appletiser’s 40th anniversary, Peartiser is launched in 2005.

In 2008, Appletiser is given an updated logo along with the tagline, ‘Deliciously Good for Me’.

Success leads Appletiser to be awarded second place in the ‘coolest beverage brand’ category in the Sunday Times Generation Next Survey.

In 2013, Appletiser launches the Limited Edition Pomegranate sparkling juice. Along with the ‘Crown the Moment’ campaign. Appletiser Colours (Pink and Amber) range is launched, in 2014.

2016 and the Appletiser brand is sold to The Coca-Cola Company by SABMiller (now AB InBev) and the Tiser brands are manufactured under licence by Appletiser South Africa (ASA), which is part of the bottling operations of Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa (CCBSA).

In 2017, ASA sells a 21.5% share to equity shareholders, Stephen Dondolo of the African Pioneer Group (17.5%) and Excellent Madlala (4%), senior manager at CCBSA.


Appletiser and Grapetiser contain no added sugar or colourants and are available in 750 ml, 250ml can (UK), 275 ml, 330 ml, 350 ml and 1.25l pack sizes. Appletiser Colours range, Pink and Amber, contain 80% fruit juice and 20% water and are available in 350 ml and 1.25 l pack sizes.