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Appliance may refer to:

  • Home appliance, household machines, using electricity or some other energy input
  • In medicine and dentistry, custom-fitted appliances to an individual for the purpose of correction of a physical or dental problem such as:
  • Computer appliances, computing devices with a specific function and limited configuration ability:
    • Storage appliances: provide storage functionality for multiple attached systems using the transparent local storage area networks paradigm
    • Firewall- and Security appliances: computer appliances that are designed to protect computer networks from unwanted traffic
    • Anti-spam appliances: for e-mail spam
    • Network appliances: are general purpose routers
    • Software appliances: a software application that might be combined with just enough operating system (JeOS) for it to run on industry standard hardware or in a virtual machine. In essence, the software distribution or the firmware that is running a computer appliance.
    • Virtual machine appliances: consist of a "hypervisor style" embedded operating system running on appliance hardware. The hypervisor layer is matched to the hardware of the appliance, and cannot be varied by the customer, but the customer may load other operating systems and applications onto the appliance in the form of virtual machines.
  • Fire apparatus, a fire engine or fire truck in British English
  • In film, a term for latex pieces, such as false ears or other features, used by make-up artists
  • Appliance (band), a British musical group