Applied Science University (Bahrain)

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Applied Science University
جامعة العلوم التطبيقية
Applied Science University, Bahrain, front view in the evening.JPG
Evening view from outside the front main entrance looking up at the clock tower of the ASU building in Sitra.
Type Private
Established September 2004
(present building in 2013)
President Ghassan Aouad[1]
Location Building 166 – Rd 23 – AlEkir 623, Sitra, Bahrain
Coordinates: 26°08′36″N 50°36′54″E / 26.143282°N 50.614942°E / 26.143282; 50.614942

The Applied Science University (ASU, جامعة العلوم التطبيقية) is a university in Sitra, south of Manama within the Kingdom of Bahrain.[2]

ASU was licensed by the Ministry of Education in 2004.[3] It was one of the first private universities in Bahrain to teach in both the Arabic and the English languages.[citation needed] Among the programs offered by the university are eleven undergraduate programs and seven postgraduate programs. The university has colleges of administrative sciences, law, and arts and sciences.[4] The university relocated to a new campus in September 2013.[3] The main building has a clock tower.


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