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The following Confederate States Army units and commanders fought in the final military encounter of the American Civil War, the 1865 Appomattox Campaign, which lasted from March 29 to April 9 and resulted in Confederate surrender on April 9 at the Appomattox Court House. Order of battle has been compiled from the army organization during the campaign.[1][2] The Union order of battle is listed separately.

Abbreviations used[edit]

Military rank[edit]


Army of Northern Virginia[edit]

Gen Robert E. Lee, Commanding

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Headquarters units

  • 39th Virginia Battalion: Cpt Samuel B. Brown
Provost Guard

Maj D. B. Bridgford


Col T. M. R. Talcott

  • 1st Confederate Engineers
  • 2nd Confederate Engineers

First Corps[edit]

LTG James Longstreet

  • Corps medical director: Surgeon John Cullen
Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Pickett's Division

     MG George E. Pickett

Steuart's Brigade

   BG George H. Steuart

Corse's Brigade

   BG Montgomery D. Corse (c, April 6)
   Col Arthur Herbert

Hunton's Brigade

   BG Eppa Hunton (c, April 6)
   Maj Michael P. Spessard

Terry's Brigade

   BG William R. Terry (w, March 31)
   Col Joseph Mayo, Jr.
   Maj William W. Bentley

Field's Division

     MG Charles W. Field

Perry's Brigade

   BG William F. Perry

  • 4th Alabama Infantry: Ltc Lawrence H. Scruggs
  • 15th Alabama Infantry: Col Alexander A. Lowther
  • 44th Alabama Infantry: Ltc John A. Jones
  • 47th Alabama Infantry: Cpt Eli D. Clower
  • 48th Alabama Infantry: Maj John W. Wigginton
Anderson's Brigade

   BG George T. Anderson

  • 7th Georgia Infantry: Col George H. Carmical
  • 8th Georgia Infantry: Col John R. Towers
  • 9th Georgia Infantry: Maj John W. Arnold
  • 11th Georgia Infantry: Cpt William H. Ramsey
  • 59th Georgia Infantry: Col Jack Brown
Benning's Brigade

   BG Henry L. Benning

  • 2nd Georgia Infantry: Cpt Thomas Chaffin,jr.
  • 15th Georgia Infantry: Maj Peter J. Shannon
  • 17th Georgia Infantry: Maj James B. Moore
  • 20th Georgia Infantry
Gregg's Brigade

   Col R. M. Powell

Bratton's Brigade

   BG John Bratton

  • 1st South Carolina Infantry: Col James R. Hagood
  • 5th South Carolina Infantry: Col Asbury Coward
  • 6th South Carolina Infantry: Col John M. Steedman
  • 2nd South Carolina Rifles: Col Robert E. Bowen
  • Palmetto (South Carolina) Sharpshooters

Kershaw's Division[3]

     MG Joseph B. Kershaw (c, April 6)

DuBose's Brigade

   BG Dudley M. DuBose (c, April 6)
   Cpt J. F. Espy

  • 16th Georgia Infantry: Lt William W. Montgomery
  • 18th Georgia Infantry: Cpt J. F. Espy, Lt Gideon J. Lasseter
  • 24th Georgia Infantry: Cpt J. A. Jarrard
  • 3rd Georgia Sharpshooters Battalion
  • Cobb's (Georgia) Legion: Lt W. G. Steed
  • Philip's (Georgia) Legion: Lt A. J. Reese
Humphrey's Brigade

   Col William H. Fitzgerald (c, April 6)
   Cpt Gwin R. Cherry

  • 13th Mississippi Infantry: Lt W. H. Davis
  • 17th Mississippi Infantry: Cpt Gwin R. Cherry
  • 18th Mississippi Infantry: Lt John W. Gower
  • 21st Mississippi Infantry: Lt Benjamin George
Simms' Brigade

   BG James P. Simms (c, April 6)
   Cpt George W. Waldron


     BG Edward P. Alexander

Cabell's Battalion[4]

   Maj S. P. Hamilton

  • Anderson's (Virginia) Battery
  • Frasier's (Georgia) Battery
  • Carlton's (Georgia) Battery
  • 1st Company Richmond Howitzers (Virginia)
  • Manly's (North Carolina) Battery
Huger's Battalion

   Maj Tyler C. Jordan

  • Moody's (Louisiana) Battery: Lt George Poindexter
  • Fickling's (South Carolina) Battery: Lt E. L. Purse
  • Parker's (Virginia) Battery: Lt Edwin S. Wooldridge
  • Virginia Battery: Cpt John Donneli Smith
  • Taylor's (Virginia) Battery: Lt John H. Weddell
  • Virginia Battery: Lt James Woolfolk
Haskell's Battalion

   Maj John C. Haskell

  • North Carolina Battery: Cpt Henry G. Flanner
  • Ramsay's (North Carolina) Battery: Lt Jesse F. Woodard
  • South Carolina Battery: Cpt Hugh R. Garden
  • Lamkin's (Virginia) Battery: Lt Fletcher T. Massie

Second Corps[edit]

MG John B. Gordon

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Grimes' Division

     MG Bryan Grimes

Battle's Brigade

   Col Edwin L. Hobson

  • 3rd Alabama Infantry: Cpt Cornelius Robinson, Jr.
  • 5th Alabama Infantry: Col Edwin L. Hobson, Cpt Thomas M. Riley
  • 6th Alabama Infantry: Maj Isaac F. Culver
  • 12th Alabama Infantry: Cpt Poleman D. Rose
  • 61st Alabama Infantry: Cpt Augustus B. Fanin, jr
Grimes' Brigade

   Col David G. Cowand

  • 32nd North Carolina Infantry: Cpt P. C. Shuford
  • 43rd North Carolina Infantry: Cpt Wiley J. Cobb
  • 45th North Carolina Infantry: Col John R. Winston
  • 53rd North Carolina Infantry: Cpt Thomas E. Ashcraft
  • 2nd North Carolina Battalion
Cox's Brigade

   BG William Ruffin Cox

  • 1st North Carolina Infantry: Maj Louis C. Latham
  • 2nd North Carolina Infantry: Maj James T. Scales
  • 3rd North Carolina: Maj William T. Ennett
  • 4th North Carolina Infantry: Cpt John B. Forcum
  • 14th North Carolina Infantry: Ltc William A. Johnston.
  • 30th North Carolina Infantry: Cpt David C. Allen
Cook's Brigade

   Ltc Edwin A. Nash

  • 4th Georgia: Col Edwin A. Nash, Cpt John M. Shiver
  • 12th Georgia: Cpt Josiah N. Beall
  • 21st Georgia: Cpt Edward Smith
  • 44th Georgia: Cpt John A. Tucker
  • Co.B - Sumter Georgia Artillery
Archer's Battalion[5]

   Ltc Fletcher H. Archer

  • 3rd Battalion Virginia Reserves: Cpt Joseph A. Rogers
  • 44th Virginia Battalion: Cpt A. B. Morrison

Early's Division

     BG James A. Walker

Johnston's Brigade

   Col John W. Lea

  • 5th North Carolina Infantry: Col John W. Lea, Cpt James M. Taylor
  • 12th North Carolina Infantry: Cpt P. Durham
  • 20th North Carolina Infantry: Lt Archibald F. Lawhon
  • 23rd North Carolina Infantry: Cpt Abner D. Peace
  • 1st North Carolina Sharpshooters Battalion: Lt R. W. Woodruff
Lewis' Brigade

   BG William G. Lewis (w, April 7)
   Cpt John Beard

  • 6th North Carolina Infantry: Cpt Joseph H. Dickey
  • 21st North Carolina Infantry: Cpt John H. Miller
  • 54th North Carolina Infantry
  • 57th North Carolina Infantry: Cpt John Beard
Walker's Brigade

   Maj Henry K. Douglas

Gordon's Division

     BG Clement A. Evans

Evans' Brigade

   Col John H. Lowe

  • 13th Georgia Infantry: Ltc Richhard Maltbie
  • 26th Georgia Infantry: Cpt James Knox
  • 31st Georgia Infantry: Cpt Edward C. Perry
  • 38th Georgia Infantry: Ltc Philip E. Davant
  • 60th Georgia Infantry: Col Waters B. Jones
  • 61st Georgia Infantry: Col Waters B. Jones
  • 9th Georgia Artillery Battalion: Sgt. Horace L. Cranford
  • 12th Georgia Artillery Battalion: Cpt Samuel H. Crump
  • 18th Georgia Battalion: Cpt George W. Stiles
Terry's Brigade

   Col Titus V. Williams

York's Brigade

   Col Eugene Waggaman

  • 1st Louisiana Infantry
  • 2nd Louisiana Infantry: Cpt A. S. Blythe
  • 5th Louisiana Infantry: Lt Hiram Baxter
  • 6th Louisiana Infantry: Maj William H. Manning
  • 7th Louisiana Infantry
  • 8th Louisiana Infantry: Cpt Louis Prados
  • 9th Louisiana Infantry
  • 10th Louisiana Infantry
  • 14th Louisiana Infantry
  • 15th Louisiana Infantry: Col Edmund Pendleton


     BG Armistead L. Long

Nelson's Battalion[4]

   Ltc William Nelson

Braxton's Battalion

   Ltc Carter M. Braxton

Cutshaw's Battalion

   Cpt C. W. Fry

  • Jeff Davis (Alabama) Artillery
  • King William (Virginia) Artillery
  • Morris (Virginia) Artillery
  • Orange (Virginia) Artillery
  • Staunton (Virginia) Artillery
  • Richmond Howitzers, 2nd Company
Hardaway's Battalion

   Ltc Robert A. Hardaway

  • Powhatan Artillery (Virginia)
  • 3rd Company, Richmond Howitzers (Virginia)
  • Rockbridge Artillery (Virginia)
  • Salem Flying Artillery (Virginia)
Johnson's Battalion

   Ltc Marmaduke Johnson

  • Clutter's (Virginia) Battery: Lt Lucas McIntosh.
  • Fredericksburg Artillery (Virginia): Cpt John G. Pollock
Lightfoot's Battalion


  • Caroline Artillery (Virginia)
  • Nelson Artillery (Virginia)
  • Surry Artillery (Virginia)
Stark's Battalion

   Ltc Alexander W. Stark

  • Louisiana Guard Artillery Battery (Green's)
  • McComas Artillery/French's Battery (Virginia): Cpt David A. French
  • Armistead's Battery/Matthew's Artillery (Virginia): Cpt Andrew D. Armistead

Third Corps[edit]

LTG A. P. Hill (k, April 2)[6]

Provost Guard

  • 5th Alabama Battalion: Cpt Wade Ritter
Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Mahone's Division

     MG William Mahone

Forney's Brigade

   BG William H. Forney

Weisiger's Brigade

   BG David A. Weisiger

Harris' Brigade

   BG Nathaniel H. Harris

  • 12th Mississippi Infantry: Cpt A. K. Jones
  • 16th Mississippi Infantry: Ltc James H. Duncan
  • 19th Mississippi Infantry: Col Richard W. Phipps
  • 48th Mississippi Infantry: Col Joseph M. Jayne
Sorrel's Brigade

   Col George E. Tayloe

  • 3rd Georgia Infantry: Ltc Claiborne Snead
  • 22nd Georgia Infantry: Cpt George W. Thomas
  • 48th Georgia Infantry: Cpt Alexander C. Flanders
  • 64th Georgia Infantry: Cpt James G. Brown
  • 2nd Georgia Battalion: Maj Charles J. Moffett
  • 10th Georgia Battalion: Cpt Caleb F. Hill
Finegan's Brigade

   BG Theodore W. Brevard, Jr. (c, April 6)
   Col David Lang

  • 2nd Florida Infantry: Col Walter R. Moore
  • 5th Florida Infantry
  • 8th Florida Infantry: Maj Thomas E. Clarke
  • 9th Florida Infantry
  • 10th Florida Infantry: Col Charles F. Hopkins
  • 11th Florida Infantry

Heth's Division

     MG Henry Heth

Davis' Brigade

   BG Joseph R. Davis

  • 1st Confederate Battalion: Cpt Anthony B. Bartlett
  • 2nd Mississippi Infantry
  • 11th Mississippi Infantry
  • 26th Mississippi Infantry
  • 42nd Mississippi Infantry
Cooke's Brigade

   BG John R. Cooke

  • 15th North Carolina Infantry: Col William H. Yarborough
  • 27th North Carolina Infantry: Ltc Joseph C. Webb
  • 46th North Carolina Infantry: Col William L. Saunders
  • 48th North Carolina Infantry: Col Samuel H. Walkup
  • 55th North Carolina Infantry: Cpt Walter A. Whitted
MacRae's Brigade

   BG William MacRae

McComb's Brigade

   BG William McComb

  • 2nd Maryland Battalion: Cpt John W. Torsch
  • 1st Tennessee Infantry (Provisional Army): Maj Felix G. Buchanan
  • 7th Tennessee Infantry: Ltc Samuel G. Shepard
  • 14th Tennessee Infantry: Maj James H. Johnson
  • 17th Tennessee Infantry: Col Horace Ready
  • 23rd Tennessee Infantry: Col Horace Ready
  • 25th Tennessee Infantry
  • 44th Tennessee Infantry
  • 63rd Tennessee Infantry

Wilcox's Division

     MG Cadmus M. Wilcox

Thomas' Brigade

   BG Edward L. Thomas

  • 14th Georgia Infantry: Col Richard P. Lester
  • 35th Georgia Infantry: Col Bolling H. Holt
  • 45th Georgia Infantry: Col Thomas J. Simmons
  • 49th Georgia Infantry: Maj James B. Duggan
Lane's Brigade

   BG James H. Lane

  • 18th North Carolina Infantry: Maj Thomas J. Wooten
  • 28th North Carolina Infantry: Cpt T. James Linebarger
  • 33rd North Carolina Infantry: Col Robert V. Cowan
  • 37th North Carolina Infantry: Maj Jackson L. Bost
McGowan's Brigade

   BG Samuel McGowan

Scales' Brigade

   Col Joseph H. Hyman

  • 13th North Carolina Infantry: Ltc E. Benton Withers
  • 16th North Carolina Infantry: Col William A. Stowe
  • 22nd North Carolina Infantry: Col Thomas S. Galloway, jr
  • 34th North Carolina Infantry: Ltc George M. Norment
  • 38th North Carolina Infantry: Col John Ashford, Ltc George W. Flowers


     Col R. Lindsay Walker

McIntosh's Battalion

   Ltc William M. Owen

  • Hurt's (Alabama) Battery: Lt George A. Ferrell
  • 1st Battery, Washington Artillery (Louisiana): Cpt Edward Owen
  • Chew's (Maryland) Battery
  • Chamberlayne's (Virginia) Battery
  • Donald's (Virginia) Battery: Lt William T. Wilson
  • Rockbridge (Virginia) Artillery, 2nd Battery: Cpt Berryman Z. Price
Pegram's Battalion

   Col William J. Pegram (mw, April 2)
   Ltc Joseph McGraw

  • South Carolina Battery: Cpt Thomas E. Gregg
  • Virginia Battery: Cpt George M. Cayce
  • Virginia Battery: Cpt Thomas Ellett
  • Brander's (Virginia) Battery: Lt James E. Tyler
Poague's Battalion

   Ltc William T. Poague

  • Richards' (Mississippi) Battery: Lt John W. Yeargain
  • North Carolina Battery: Cpt Arthur B. Williams
  • Albemarle (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt Charles F. Johnston
  • Brooke (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt Addison W. Utterback
  • Lewis' (Virginia) Battery: Cpt Nathan Penick
Thirteenth Virginia Battalion

   no commander listed[7]

  • Otey Battery: Cpt David N. Walker
  • Ringgoldi Battery: Cpt Grispin Dickenson
Richardson's Battalion

   Ltc Charles Richardson

  • Donaldsonville (Louisiana) Battery: Cpt R. Prosper Landry
  • Moore's (Virginia) Battery
  • Grandy's (Virginia) Battery
  • Huger Artillery
Lane's Battalion[4]

   Maj John Lane

  • Ross' (Georgia) Battery
  • Patterson's (Georgia) Battery
  • Irwin (Georgia) Artillery
Washington Artillery

   Ltc Benjamin F. Eshleman

  • 1st Company (Louisiana)
  • 2nd Company (Louisiana)
  • 3rd Company (Louisiana)
  • 4th Company (Louisiana)

Fourth Corps[edit]

LTG Richard H. Anderson[8]

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Johnson's Division

     MG Bushrod R. Johnson[9]
     BG William H. Wallace

Wallace's Brigade

   BG William H. Wallace

  • 17th South Carolina Infantry: Cpt E. A. Crawford
  • 18th South Carolina Infantry: Ltc W. B. Allison
  • 22nd South Carolina Infantry: Col William G. Burt
  • 23rd South Carolina Infantry: Ltc John M. Kinloch
  • 26th South Carolina Infantry: Maj Ceth S. Land
  • Holcombe (South Carolina) Legion
Moody's Brigade

   BG Young M. Moody (c, April 8)
   Col Martin L. Stansel

Wise's Brigade

   BG Henry A. Wise

Ransom's Brigade

   BG Matthew W. Ransom

  • 24th North Carolina Infantry
  • 25th North Carolina Infantry: Col Henry M. Rutledge
  • 35th North Carolina Infantry: Maj Robert E. Petty
  • 49th North Carolina Infantry: Maj Charles Q. Petty
  • 56th North Carolina Infantry: Col Paul F. Faison


     Col Hilary P. Jones

Coit's Battalion

   Maj James C. Coit

  • Wright's (Virginia) Battery
  • Pegram's (Virginia) Battery
  • Bradford's (Mississippi) Battery
Blount's Battalion

   Maj Joseph G. Blount

  • Georgia Battalion: Cpt C. W. Slaten
  • Cumming's (North Carolina) Battery: Lt Alexander D. Brown
  • Miller's (North Carolina) Battery
  • Young's (Virginia) Battery
Stribling's Battalion

   Maj Robert M. Stribling

  • Dickerson's (Virginia) Battery
  • Marshall's (Virginia) Battery: Lt T. Marshall Archer
  • Macon's (Virginia) Battery
  • Sullivan's (Virginia) Battery: Lt William S. Archer
Smith's Battalion

   Cpt William F. Dement

  • 1st Maryland Battery: Lt John Gale
  • Johnston's (Virginia) Battery: Lt Thomas R. Adams
  • Neblett's (Virginia) Battery: Lt Robert J. Braswell
  • Virginia Battery: Cpt John W. Drewry
  • Virginia Battery: Cpt Thomas Kevill
Sturdivant's Battalion[4]

   Cpt N. A. Sturdivant

  • Martin's (Virginia) Battery
  • Sturdivant's (Virginia) Battery

Cavalry Corps[edit]

MG Fitzhugh Lee

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Fitzhugh Lee's Division

     Col Thomas T. Munford

Munford's Brigade
Payne's Brigade

   BG William H. F. Payne (w, March 30)
   Col Reuben B. Boston (k, April 6)

Gary's Brigade

   BG Martin W. Gary

  • 7th Georgia Cavalry: Cpt William H. Burroughs
  • 7th South Carolina Cavalry: Col Alexander C. Haskell
  • Hampton Legion (South Carolina): Ltc Robert B. Arnold
  • 24th Virginia Cavalry: Col William T. Robins

W. H. F. Lee's Division

     MG William. H. F. Lee

Barringer's Brigade

   BG Rufus Barringer (c, April 3)

  • 1st North Carolina Cavalry
  • 2nd North Carolina Cavalry
  • 3rd North Carolina Cavalry
  • 5th North Carolina Cavalry
Beale's Brigade

   Cpt Samuel H. Burt

Robert's Brigade

   BG William P. Roberts

  • 4th North Carolina Cavalry
  • 16th North Carolina Cavalry Battalion

Rosser's Division

     MG Thomas L. Rosser

Dearing's Brigade

   BG James Dearing (mw, April 6)
   Col Asher W. Harman

McCausland's Brigade

Horse Artillery

     Ltc R. Preston Chew

Breathed's Battalion

   Maj James Breathed

  • Johnston's (Virginia) Battery
  • Shoemaker's (Virginia) Battery
  • Thomson's (Virginia) Battery
Chew's Battalion
  • Graham's (Virginia) Battery
  • McGregor's (Virginia) Battery

Department of Richmond[edit]

LTG Richard S. Ewell (c, April 6)
Ltc Thomas J. Spencer

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

G. W. C. Lee's Division
     MG G.W.C. Lee (c, April 6)[10]

Barton's Brigade

   BG Seth M. Barton (c, April 6)

  • 40th Virginia Infantry
  • 47th and 50th Virginia Infantry
  • 22nd Virginia Infantry Battalion
  • 25th Virginia Infantry Battalion
Moore's Brigade

   BG Patrick T. Moore[11]

  • 2nd Virginia Local Defense Troops
  • 3rd Virginia Local Defense Troops
  • 1st Virginia Reserves
  • 2nd Virginia Reserves
  • 1st Virginia Reserves Battalion: Ltc Richard T.W. Duke (c, April 6)
  • 2nd Virginia Reserves Battalion
Artillery Brigade

   Col Stapleton Crutchfield (k, April 6)
   2nd Lt Kena K. Chapman[12]

  • 10th Virginia Heavy Artillery Battalion
  • 18th Virginia Heavy Artillery Battalion
  • 19th Virginia Heavy Artillery Battalion
  • 20th Virginia Heavy Artillery Battalion
  • 18th Georgia Heavy Artillery Battalion

Other units

Drewry's Bluff garrison

   Maj F. W. Smith (k, April 5)

  • Young's Howitzers (Virginia)
  • Johnston (Eppes) Heavy Artillery (Virginia)
  • Neblett's Artillery (Virginia)
  • Lunenburg Heavy Artillery (Virginia)
  • Pamunkey Heavy Artillery (Virginia)
  • Southside Heavy Artillery (Virginia)
  • United Artillery/Kevill's Company (Virginia)
Naval Brigade

   Commodore John R. Tucker (c, April 6)

  • Composed of sailors from the James River Squadron
Unattached units
  • Chaffin's Bluff: Ltc J. M. Maury
  • Marines: Cpt John D. Simms (c, April 6)

Department of North Carolina and Southern Virginia[edit]

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Military District

     BG Henry A. Wise


   Maj W. H. Ker

  • 3rd Virginia Reserves Battalion
  • 44th Virginia Battalion
Unattached units
  • Hood's Battalion, Virginia Militia
  • Second-class militia
  • Independent Signal Corps


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