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The Appoquinimink School District is a public school district in southern New Castle County, Delaware. The district office is located in the Odessa Park Building, 223 South Fifth Street, in Odessa, Delaware, with Matthew Burrows as the current superintendent. Former superintendent Tony Marchio retired in June 2011. The district is growing by nearly 600 students every year, making it the fastest growing school district in Delaware.[citation needed]

Early childhood centers[edit]

  • Appoquinimink Early Childhood Center has 15 classrooms and over 200 students.
  • Cedar Lane Early Childhood Center has 15 classrooms and over 260 students.
  • Townsend Early Childhood Center has 15 classrooms and over 160 students.

Elementary schools[edit]

  • Brick Mill Elementary has 26 classrooms and over 730 students.
  • Bunker Hill Elementary opened in September 2009. This school features movable classroom walls that can be reconfigured to support a variety of learning needs, learning pods anchoring each wing with technology stations and tiered reading nooks, indoor and outdoor stages, a broadcast and recording room, and a cafeteria design that features smaller seating groups and improved acoustics. It is the district's first two-story elementary school.
  • Cedar Lane Elementary has 33 classrooms and over 650 students
  • Old State Elementary
  • Olive B. Loss Elementary has 23 classrooms and over 670 students.
  • Silver Lake Elementary has 36 classrooms and over 710 students
  • Townsend Elementary has 24 classrooms and over 570 students.

Middle schools[edit]

  • Alfred G. Waters Middle School served as a 9th grade-only school for one year while Appoqunimink High School was being built, and opened as a 6-8th grade school in fall 2008. It has a population of over 730. It is divided into three wings, each with a learning center. It has 180 desktop computers and wireless internet access. There are 25 classrooms and a 500 seat auditorium.
  • Everett Meredith Middle School has a population of over 1,100 students in grades 6 through 8. It was formerly a high school but was reopened as a middle school. It also houses an adult high school during the night. It has 53 classrooms.
  • Louis L. Redding Middle School served African-American students prior to desegregation of the Delaware public schools. It now houses grades 6-8 and has a population of over 770 students. It went through a major renovation which gave it a new auditorium and lobby. It has 45 classrooms.

High schools[edit]

  • Appoquinimink High School opened in the fall of 2008. It has 56 classrooms. There are over 400 students per grade.
  • Middletown High School was the only high school in the district until September 2008. The building is fully networked for computers, with Internet access in all classrooms, four computer labs, and a computer-aided drafting lab. The school also houses a state service center as well as an 830-seat auditorium and 1,200-seat gymnasium. It has over 1,930 students and 60 classrooms.


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