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Yellow Line Parking Ltd
Industry Transportation
Founded 2013
Founders Dan Hubert
Headquarters Shoreditch, London, United Kingdom
Area served
London, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Coventry, Edinburgh, Manchester, Norwich, Portsmouth & Sandwell
Brands AppyParking, Yellow Line Parking
Number of employees

AppyParking is a company providing parking apps and services for drivers. It was founded in London in 2013 by Dan Hubert.[citation needed] Its product is software that shows on-street and off-street parking options in major cities in the UK.[1] It has a free consumer app that runs on both Android and iOS, and also a paid-for enterprise app, AppyParking Pro, which is a software as a service aimed at businesses with fleets.

In addition to ordinary parking, AppyParking shows disabled bays,[citation needed] electric car charge points,[citation needed] motorbike bays[citation needed] and the nearest petrol stations.[citation needed]



The idea for AppyParking came from Dan Hubert, a former advertising creative.[3] In 2012, after having trouble parking when going to a gig at The Royal Albert Hall, he asked a traffic warden about the rules for the single yellow lines.[citation needed] Having heard that the rules for this area were to be found a few roads away from the area he was enquiring about, Dan saw an opportunity.[4] While still working full-time, Hubert started to contact every London borough and digitize their Controlled Parking Zones from basic PDF maps.[citation needed] Originally named Yellow Line Parking, dealing only with single yellow line parking restrictions, the company was expanded and rebranded as AppyParking in 2014.[5]

In late 2014, the company was part of the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator programme in London,[6] during which Eric Requena, the company's chief technology officer, was advised to revise much of the application code.[7]

In December 2014, AppyParking launched an enterprise app aimed at commercial fleets,[8] and in January 2015, Ford announced a partnership with the company at the CES 2015.[9] Later in the year, the company ran a one-month trial in Westminster, London with Vodafone xone and Pimlico Plumbers. When a driver located a parking space with the help of the app, they clicked a button in the app when they arrived and simply drove away later, being billed only for the time they were parked. This was made possible by the sensors already built into parking bays.[10][11]

Since January 2016 AppyParking provides a feature which shows the nearest and cheapest petrol stations anywhere in the UK.[12]

In September 2016, founder Dan Hubert appeared on BBC business show Dragon's Den seeking investment to expand the service, initially valuing the company at £10m.[13][14] He was unsuccessful after declining two offers from Peter Jones and Nick Jenkins.[14]

App features[edit]

The free consumer app runs on both Android and iOS.[15] There is also a paid-for enterprise app, AppyParking Pro,[16] which is a software as a service targeting businesses with fleets.[8]

When green areas appear on the map it means it is free to park, and red zones show that restrictions still apply. It also covers resident parking bays, pay-and-displays and single yellow lines. The app also identifies electric charging bays, disabled bays, motorcycle bays and the nearest petrol stations.[17]


  • Shortlisted Finalist for UK Startups App of The Year[18]
  • Shortlisted for UK Startups ‘People’s Champion’[19]
  • Shortlisted for Pitch At Palace Bootcamp[20]
  • People’s Champion in Virgin’s ‘Pitch To Rich’ competition[21]
  • Stuff Magazine Top 8 app for 2014[22]
  • Popular Choice winner for the Shanghai Urban Commuter Challenge.[23]
  • Winner of Ford ‘Traffic Tamer’ Challenge.[24]
  • Partnership with Ford announced at CES[25]


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