Tornado outbreak of April 10–11, 2001

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Tornado outbreak of April 10–11, 2001
April 10,11 2001.png
Paths of the individual tornadoes of this outbreak
TypeTornado outbreak
DurationApril 10–11, 2001
Tornadoes confirmed79 [1][2]
Max rating1F3 tornado
Duration of tornado outbreak225 hours, 22 minutes
Damage$23.75 million
($33.6 million in 2018 dollars[3])
Areas affectedCentral Great Plains
1Most severe tornado damage; see Fujita scale 2Time from first tornado to last tornado

The tornado outbreak of April 10–11, 2001, was a large tornado outbreak which affected the central Great Plains on April 10–11, 2001. During the two-day outbreak, it produced a total of 79 tornadoes across eight states including Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois and Michigan. Four people were killed, 18 injured, and more than $23 million in damage was reported.[4] The fatalities were reported in Oklahoma, Iowa and Missouri including two from a single tornado in Wapello County, Iowa.

The strongest tornado tracked for over 75 miles from northern Missouri to near Des Moines, Iowa causing extensive damage to several structures. In addition to that storm, a supercell on April 10 produced the largest and most damaging hail swath in history; as well as ten tornadoes.[5]

Tornado event[edit]

The first tornadoes developed during the late afternoon across west-central Missouri and mostly tracked near Interstate 70 eastward towards the St. Louis Metropolitan Area during the first half of the evening before weakening in Illinois. In addition to the damaging hail (see Tri-State hailstorm section for details), several weak tornadoes were confirmed. One tornado, however, killed a person inside a mobile home near the Fulton area in Callaway County [6]

A new wave of tornadoes touched down further to the west in Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas during the late evening and overnight hours. One person was killed in Coal County, Oklahoma by an F2 tornado that threw the mobile home for about 200 yards before being destroyed.[7] Several other significant tornadoes also caused extensive damage across southern Oklahoma, northern Texas and both the Oklahoma and Texas Panhandles until activity slowed down after dawn on April 11.

A final wave of tornadoes developed during the late morning and the afternoon hours mostly across Iowa where some of the strongest tornadoes took place. One tornado during the late morning carved a path of about 75 miles from northeast of Kansas City, Missouri to just southwest of Des Moines, Iowa. Several homes were destroyed or heavily damaged (earning an F3 rating) although there were no fatalities with this storm [8] Later during the day, an F2 tornado killed two people in Agency, Iowa (Wapello County) and destroyed or heavily damaged dozens of structures including a Lodge. The outbreak ended across western Michigan during the late afternoon.

Tornado table[edit]

Confirmed tornadoes by Fujita rating
FU F0 F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 Total
0 31 36 11 1 0 0 79

Confirmed tornadoes[edit]

April 10 event[edit]

F# Location County Time (UTC) Path length Damage
F1 N of Warrensburg Johnson 2220 8 miles
(12.8 km)
100 homes and businesses were damaged.
F1 N of La Monte Pettis 2245 10 miles
(16 km)
Two barns, a chicken coop, and vacant house were destroyed.
F1 SE of Pilot Grove Cooper 2311 5 miles
(8 km)
Two homes had roof damage, and trees and power lines were downed.
F0 SW of Kliever Moniteau 2347 0.1 miles
(0.16 km)
Brief touchdown with no damage.
F1 Fulton area Callaway 0020 3 miles
(4.8 km)
1 death – A mobile home and outbuildings were destroyed and a school bus was overturned. A warehouse complex sustained roof damage. The fatality and two injuries were inside the mobile home
F0 NW of Wright City Warren 0120 0.1 miles
(0.16 km)
A mobile home was overturned.
F0 NE of Foristell St. Charles 0130 4 miles
(6.4 km)
3 homes, an automotive repair shop and a restaurant had damage and a garage was destroyed. A tractor-trailer was blown into railroad tracks.
F1 O'Fallon area St. Charles 0145 1 miles
(1.6 km)
2 buildings were destroyed and 22 homes, apartments and businesses were damaged.
F1 Granite City area Madison 0235 2 miles
(3.2 km)
Two buildings and one house were destroyed while a golf course, 4 buildings, 23 houses and businesses and numerous cars were damaged. One person was injured by flying glass.
F1 W of Deerfield Kearny 0242 5.1 miles
(8.2 km)
Two pivot sprinklers, a shed and 30 homes were damaged.
F2 W of Ellis to SE of Stockton Trego, Ellis, Rooks 0408 40.1 miles
(64.2 km)
Several outbuildings, trailers, homes and 13 farms were damaged. Semi-trailers were overturned injuring several people
F1 SW of Zurich to SE of Webster Rooks 0435 14 miles
(22.4 km)
Several outbuildings, trees, and farm equipment were damaged.
F0 Plainville area Rooks 0445 3 miles
(4.8 km)
Homes in production at a manufacturing plant were damaged.
F1 S of Alton Osborne 0505 9 miles
(14.4 km)
Trees and outbuildings were damaged.
F2 NW of Minneola to S of Dodge City Ford 0510 17.3 miles
(27.7 km)
A mobile home was completely demolished. Another trailer nearby received moderate damage. Two pivot sprinklers were destroyed and there was other scattered minor damage along the path of the tornado.
F1 W of Gaylord Smith 0524 4 miles
(6.4 km)
Caused damage to trees and power poles.
F1 N of Osborne Osborne 0525 2 miles
(3.2 km)
Caused damage to oil tanks and concrete blocks at an abandoned gas station
F1 Downs area Osborne, Smith, Jewell 0525 13 miles
(20.8 km)
One home, farm machinery, and several outbuildings were damaged.
F2 S of Ford Ford 0539 10 miles
(16 km)
Eight pivot sprinklers, a silo, and a barn were destroyed.
F1 NE of Ford Ford 0548 9.6 miles
(15.4 km)
Three pivot sprinklers and a grain bin were destroyed.
F0 SW of Cora Smith 0549 3.5 miles
(5.6 km)
Caused damage to trees and power poles.
F0 SW of Kinsley Edwards 0557 7.4 miles
(11.8 km)
Caused roof damage to one house.
F1 S of Formoso to E of Republic Jewell, Republic 0614 17.5 miles
(28 km)
Damage to trees, power lines, farm outbuildings and other buildings.
F1 W of Cuba Republic 0630 10 miles
(16 km)
Unknown intermittent damage occurred.
F0 NW of Haddam Washington 0655 6 miles
(9.6 km)
Trees and outbuildings were damaged.
F1 NW of Washington Washington 0705 4 miles
(6.4 km)
Outbuildings, an antenna, and power poles were damaged.
F1 SE of Fritch Carson, Hutchinson 0322 1.5 miles
(2.4 km)
Damage to homes, mobile homes, farm equipment, and storage buildings.
F2 S of Spearman Hansford 0406 4 miles
(6.4 km)
Several grain bins and a grain elevator were destroyed while one home, barns, equipment, and power poles were damaged. 2 people were injured.
F2 S of Wheeler Wheeler 0517 6 miles
(9.6 km)
Heavy damage to a home and farm equipment occurred.
F1 Wichita Falls area Wichita 0546 4.5 miles
(7.2 km)
Caused damage to trees, fences, signs, and a machine shop.
F1 N of Era Cooke 0747 5.5 miles
(8.8 km)
Roof, tree, and sign damage occurred.
F2 W of Elmwood Beaver 0440 12 miles
(19.2 km)
Damage to two homes, several barns, farm equipment, power poles, trees and a windmill.
F1 S of Elmwood Beaver 0500 6 miles
(9.6 km)
Two barns and farm equipment were damaged or destroyed.
F0 S of Beaver Beaver 0510 2 miles
(3.2 km)
Minor damage to a home and a barn.
F0 E of Red Cloud Webster 0612 3 miles
(4.8 km)
Damage to an irrigation pipe, outbuildings, and trees.
F1 W of Nelson Nuckolls 0639 12 miles
(19.2 km)
Tornado remained over open country with damage to irrigation pipes, outbuildings, and trees.
F1 E of Hebron Thayer 0649 1 miles
(1.6 km)
One home was damaged, injuring one person.
F1 N of Wymore Gage 0730 1 miles
(1.6 km)
Extensive tree damage with some roof and structural damage. A mobile home was pushed off its foundation, a garage was damaged and grain bins were destroyed
F2 NE of Virginia Gage 0740 2 miles
(3.2 km)
One home was destroyed while six homes and businesses were damaged. 2 people were injured.
Source: Tornado History Project – April 10, 2001 Storm Data

April 11 event[edit]

F# Location County Time (UTC) Path length Damage
F2 SW of Harjo Pottawatomie 0800 5 miles
(8 km)
Caused damage to oil pumping and storage equipment.
F2 SW of Jesse to NE of Lula Pontotoc, Coal 0940 14.5 miles
(23.2 km)
A mobile home and two barns were destroyed. Oil storage tanks and a pumping unit were overturned. Transmission towers were also downed. A power substation sustained significant damage.
F2 SW of Emet to NE of Wapanucka Johnston, Atoka 0945 19 miles
(30.4 km)
4 mobile homes were destroyed while a frame home and 21 other structures were damaged. 4 people were injured.
F0 NE of Cumberland Bryan 0947 0.3 miles
(0.5 km)
Damage was limited to trees.
F2 E of Coalgate Coal, Atoka 1025 8 miles
(14.4 km)
1 death – A mobile home was destroyed killing an occupant, and a frame home was heavily damaged. Another mobile home had minor damage.
F1 W of Garland Haskell 1226 3 miles
(4.8 km)
One home was damaged and six barns were destroyed.
F1 S of Muenster Cooke 0834 7.8 miles
(12.5 km)
Roof and tree damage occurred.
F1 NW of Gainesville to E of Thackerville, OK Cooke, Love (OK) 0855 19 miles
(30.6 km)
A barn was destroyed and two mobile homes and a shed were heavily damaged. Tornado crossed the Oklahoma-Texas state line across the Red River six times.
F0 N of Dederick Cedar 1527 0.1 miles
(0.16 km)
Brief touchdown with no damage
F3 SW of Denver to NW of Patterson, IA Gentry, Worth, Ringgold (IA), Union (IA), Clarke (IA), Madison (IA) 1630 76.5 miles
(122.4 km)
Strongest tornado and longest track of the outbreak. One home and several outbuildings were destroyed in Missouri. In Iowa, some homes were destroyed and others were damaged. Damage in Ringgold County alone was estimated at $1 million. A total of nine homes, one business, a school building, and a farmstead were damaged or destroyed. Livestock was killed as well.
F0 Springfield area Sarpy 1715 0.1 miles
(0.16 km)
Caused damage to a horse barn, a car, a trailer and power lines.
F0 SW of Emerson Mills 1737 2 miles
(3.2 km)
Caused damage to 2 farmsteads, a pole shed, trailers, trees and a machine shed.
F1 W of Mineola Mills 1745 2 miles
(3.2 km)
2 farms were damaged. A barn and a home were damaged while a hog shed was destroyed.
F1 E of Taylor Pottawattamie 1755 0.5 miles
(0.8 km)
Two barns and an outbuilding were destroyed while one home lost its roof.
F0 NE of Dumfries Pottawattamie 1755 2 miles
(3.2 km)
Weak tornado with no damage.
F0 NW of Weston Pottawattamie 1800 0.2 miles
(0.32 km)
Brief touchdown with no damage.
F0 SE of Portsmouth Shelby 1830 0.2 miles
(0.32 km)
Damage to power lines occurred.
F0 Saylorville area Polk 1837 0.5 miles
(0.8 km)
Brief touchdown with little or no damage.
F1 E of Bayard Guthrie 1925 2 miles
(3.2 km)
One barn was destroyed.
F0 Jefferson area Greene 1945 0.5 miles
(0.8 km)
Brief touchdown with no damage.
F0 NE of Ogden Boone 2004 0.7 miles
(1.1 km)
Brief touchdown with no damage.
F0 SW of Paton Greene 2005 1 miles
(1.6 km)
Brief touchdown with minor damage.
F1 N of Ogden Boone 2006 3 miles
(4.8 km)
A barn, grain bins, and a storage building were destroyed. One home had minor damage. Other buildings were also damaged.
F1 W of Pilot Mound Boone 2010 4 miles
(6.4 km)
Minor damage occurred.
F0 E of Dayton Webster 2037 0.2 miles
(0.32 km)
Caused damage to trailers and a building.
F1 S of Webster City Hamilton 2038 2.2 miles
(3.5 km)
Two farm buildings were blown down.
F1 Colfax to Rhodes Jasper, Marshall 2040 17.5 miles
(28 km)
Intermittent track over open country with little damage.
F2 Agency Wapello 2100 8.4 miles
(13.4 km)
2 deaths – A lodge was destroyed and 50 residences were damaged, some severely. 3 other people were injured.
F0 SW of Kinross Keokuk 2125 3 miles
(4.8 km)
Weak tornado with little or no damage.
F0 NW of Holbrook Iowa 2140 0.1 miles
(0.16 km)
Brief touchdown with no damage.
F0 NW of Kalona Washington 2150 0.1 miles
(0.16 km)
Brief touchdown with no damage.
F0 NW of Windham Johnson 2200 2 miles
(3.2 km)
A barn and a garage were destroyed.
F0 SE of Tiffin Johnson 2202 0.1 miles
(0.16 km)
Brief touchdown with no damage.
F1 E of Washburn Black Hawk 2207 10 miles
(16 km)
Two homes sustained significant damage.
F0 NW of Swisher Johnson 2220 0.1 miles
(0.16 km)
Brief touchdown with little or no damage.
F0 Cedar Rapids area Linn 2220 0.1 miles
(0.16 km)
Brief touchdown with no damage.
F0 NW of Vinton Benton 2220 0.1 miles
(0.16 km)
One barn was destroyed and several trees were downed.
F1 NW of West Union Fayette 2250 2 miles
(3.2 km)
Several barns, sheds and outbuildings were damaged or destroyed. One person was trapped and injured.
F0 NE of Cloverville Muskegon 2340 0.1 miles
(0.16 km)
Brief touchdown with no damage.
F0 NW of Coopersville Ottawa 2342 0.1 miles
(0.16 km)
Brief touchdown with no damage.
Source: Tornado History Project – April 11, 2001 Storm Data

Tri-state hailstorm[edit]

Hail damage to vehicles in Missouri (NWS St. Louis)

On April 10, a series of long-lived supercell thunderstorms moved from south-southwest of Kansas City, Kansas, across Missouri and often along I-70, impacting Columbia before striking the St. Louis metropolitan area, continuing into southern Illinois. The storms spawned ten weak tornadoes, one of which resulted in the first tornado fatality in Missouri since 1994.[5][9]

Additionally, it produced the largest (in area) and longest (in distance and duration) recorded swaths of very large hail, up to baseball size, and also incurred the most expensive damages of any hailstorm in U.S. history. At $2 billion in insured losses, it was more damaging than the most damaging tornado, in real dollars, the Oklahoma City Tornado of May 3, 1999.[10][11]

Hundreds of vehicles outside a Ford Assembly Plant in Hazelwood were damaged as well as almost every house within the city of Florissant in St. Louis County. Many automobile dealerships lost their entire auto inventory while thousands of additional homes were damaged. At Lambert International Airport, 22 jetliners suffered hail damage, while 10 aircraft of the Missouri National Guard were severely damaged.[12]

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