April 2006 Iran–Iraq cross-border raids

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April 2006 Iran-Iraq cross-border raids
Part of Iran–PJAK conflict
Date 3 April 2006
Location Iraqi Kurdistan, north-western Iran


Iran Iran Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK)
Casualties and losses
24 killed (PJAK claim)

April 2006 Iran–Iraq cross-border raids were three military cross-border attacks on Iran-Iraqi Kurdistan border, in which PJAK claimed to had killed 24 members of Iranian security forces in early April, 2006.[1] The raids were motivated as retaliation for the killing of 10 Kurds demonstrating in Maku by Iranian security forces.[1] On April 10, 2006, seven PJAK members were arrested in Iran, on a suspicion that they had killed three Iranian security force personnel.[citation needed]


PJAK set off a bomb on 8 May 2006 in Kermanshah, wounding five people at a government building.[2]

Since, the US news channel MSNBC claimed that the Iranian military begun bombardments of Kurdish villages in US-occupied Iraq along the Iranian border while claiming that their primary targets were PJAK militants.[citation needed] A number of civilians died.[3]

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