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April Flowers was a prominent exotic dancer at the Tropicana Club. Her real name is Juanita Jean Hodges. She played a prominent role in the frameup of George Ratterman, when he was a candidate for sheriff of Campbell County, Kentucky, in 1961.

Criminal History[edit]

A plot was devised by gamblers who lured Ratterman to a Cincinnati, Ohio hotel. There he was drugged and driven back to Newport, Kentucky. He was placed in bed with Flowers at mobster Tito Carinci's suite in the Glenn Hotel.[1] Flowers positioned herself in bed next to a fully clothed Ratterman.

During Ratterman's trial, Flowers admitted that she had perjured herself after first affirming a false story told by Tito Carinci. Flowers confessed that the reason she lied was that she was promised a trip to Puerto Rico in return for her perjured testimony.[2]


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